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  1. AmerginLiath

    5E Alignment vs. Morality, and the Consequences of Delaying Development of the Planes

    By page five, the main thread on Jeremy Crawford's comments on alignment have already gotten predictably heated, so I thought to post some thoughts on what surprises me about this separately. Apologies if I should have kept it to the main thread. The first thought that occurred to me, as I read...
  2. AmerginLiath

    UA [5E] Unearthed Arcana: Races of Eberron (July 2018)

    https://media.wizards.com/2018/dnd/downloads/723UA_EberronRaces7232018.pdf Amidst all the news today, this month’s UA dropping seems to have gotten lost. It was delayed from the usual date as it’s an article of updated races for Eberron by Keith Baker (I imagine it’s the same version of races...
  3. AmerginLiath

    UA Unearthed Arcana: Centaurs and Minotaurs

    As a Dragonlance junkie, it’s interesting to see how they’ve pulled back the damage on the minotaur to make it more workable as a player race (I imagine that working with the Volo races gave them a better baseline). The Hybrid Nature mechanic is interesting here, especially given the number of...
  4. AmerginLiath

    UA Unearthed Arcana May 2018: Centaurs and Minotaurs

    Centaurs and Minotaurs are the topics of this month's Unearthed Arcana!Centaurs gallop into Unearthed Arcana this month—a playtest option for when you choose your character’s race. Another type of character from Greek myth joins them: minotaurs. We first showed off minotaurs in a 2015...
  5. AmerginLiath

    Existential Comics' "Dungeons & Dragons & Philosophers"

    I was catching up on back strips of the Existential Comics webcomic, when I noticed that they've begun doing a semi-regular feature of philosophers playing D&D, to hilarious results. So far, there have been four made in recent months. I'm not sure if anyone else here reads the strip, but I...
  6. AmerginLiath

    Anybody got the PARAGON KOBOLD?

    Anybody got the infamous PARAGON KOBOLD joke handy, or at least the address for it? I've got a friend with a kobold obsession, but forget where to find it! :eek: Help!
  7. AmerginLiath

    Moorcock's ELRIC comes to comics...

    One of the biggest sites on the comic news circuit, Comics Newsarama, has news on an upcoming project... For comic newbies, 'prestige format' refers to a square-bound stiff-cover format, which tends to be about $5.95 for 48 glossy, high-quality pages in this day and age. That, and Walt...
  8. AmerginLiath

    Why I'm looking forward to the ELH...

    ...I wanna see the Handle Animal DC for training a dog to play the banjo! :D