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  1. Mark Chance

    [RG] October 1962

    This space reserved for notes.
  2. Mark Chance

    Lagrange Point Question

    Okay. Space question for space experts: Would it be possible to have a space station at Lagrange point 1 between the Earth and the Moon so that the station would maintain a stationary orbit with consistent distances between itself and the Moon and itself and Earth? Bonus Question: If so, what...
  3. Mark Chance

    [Houston, Texas] Weekend Games

    We're looking for one or two additional players. We're a group of largely middle-aged guys with wives and/or children. We meet about two Saturdays a month for one group and two Sundays a month for the other group, alternating the weekends so there's only game per weekend. We game, we get...
  4. Mark Chance

    [M&M 3E] October 1962

    Tuesday, October 23 The sun rises late over New Falls owing to the town being nestled in a wooded valley. Dawn slides over the forested hills to the east, casting long shadows that slide slowly away from the west as the sun climbs higher. Right now, it's still early, not much after 7:00 a.m. A...
  5. Mark Chance

    [M&M 3E] October 1962 (Full)

    Tuesday, October 23, 1962 Day two of the U.S. naval blockade standing in the way of further Soviet missiles arriving in Cuba. Does the world teeter on the brink of nuclear war? Maybe yes. Maybe no. New Falls, Washington, seems millions of miles away from the crisis brewing in the Caribbean...
  6. Mark Chance

    [M&M3] Heroes & Villains

    Little by little, I plan on posting heroes, villains, et cetera for use with Mutants & Masterminds (3rd edition). Archetype: Battlesuit (PL 5) Archetype: Crimefighter (PL 5) Archetype: Energy Controller (PL 5) Archetype: Gadgeteer (PL 5) Archetype: Martial Artist (PL 5) Item: Horn of Valhalla...
  7. Mark Chance

    [PCs Go Here] Beyond the Wall and Other Adventures

    Villagers of Note An old campaigner, this landless knight has seen too much. A bit crotchety, he nevertheless has a sweet heart, especially for young Elsinor. Alcoholic, but still as good with a sword as a man half his age, he paid off a debt to the Lancasters by teaching Elsinor the ways of...
  8. Mark Chance

    [Needle at Full] Beyond the Wall and Other Adventures

    Salvete! I've been gone from ENWorld for a long time. Probably years. I'd like to return, knowing that this return might evoke skepticism given how sudden and lengthy was my departure. So, here goes.... Beyond the Wall You're a young person, and a thirst for adventure burns in your heart...
  9. Mark Chance

    Beyond the Wall and Other Adventures (plus Some Other Stuff)

    In case you missed the announcements on G+ and Facebook, I've a few new, free PDFs of content for 1E AD&D ensconced in my Google Drive. Enjoy! The Abbey of St. Martin: A short adventure. AD&D Monsters: Alp to Xana: A dozen new monsters. AD&D Monsters: Apsara to Zebez. Three dozen new monsters...
  10. Mark Chance

    [Spes Magna Games] The Magus (Swords & Wizardry)

    I thought I had parameters set for this to go on sale on Wednesday, 6 January, for Epiphany, but something got goofed up, and folks are already purchasing it. C'est la vie. Magi study the hidden signs in the stars, in dates, dreams, and the movements of both smoke and fire. They understand that...
  11. Mark Chance

    Merry Christmas Monsters & Short Scenario

    Merry Christmas! I've put together two PDFs, one with more than 30 new 1E AD&D monsters and another describing a short scenario. Enjoy! AD&D Monsters: Apsara to Zebez The Abbey of St. Martin :)
  12. Mark Chance

    Sale [Spes Magna Games] Gruß vom Krampus! For Sale

    [Spes Magna Games] Gruß vom Krampus! For Sale Dear GM: Are you tired of naughty adventurers? If so, unleash Krampus on them. After those awful murderhobos have been stuffed in Krampus's wicker basket and baked into sinfully tasty meat pies, your campaign world will be a happier place. Gruß vom...
  13. Mark Chance

    PF1E [Spes Magna Games] Astounding Archetypes: Bloodhand Gang

    Astounding Archetypes: Bloodhand Gang presents five new archetypes for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Players may adventure as a dragon warrior (fighter archetype), jotunkin (barbarian archetype), telekinetic monk (monk archetype), warp thief (rogue archetype), and yo-yo magus (magus...
  14. Mark Chance

    [Spes Magna] Fearsome Creatures of the Lumberwoods for Sale

    I’ve started a new project based on William T. Cox’s whimsically delightful Fearsome Creatures of the Lumberwoods, originally published in 1910. Here’s an excerpt: The gumberoo (Megalogaster repercussus) lives in foggy regions, especially near wooded ocean coasts in northern climes...
  15. Mark Chance

    [Spes Magna Games] Ean Illiam's Cavern Stores for Dungeon World

    Find what you're looking for in Ean Illiam's Cavern Stores. Fully compatible with Dungeon World, this campaign location includes these excellent features: * Cartography by Matt Jackson that includes blank spaces * Not-too-complete descriptions of the cavern stores * Two adventure fronts * Stats...
  16. Mark Chance

    Supporting Maps for Heroes/The Wounded Warrior Project

    As I’ve blogged about a couple of times, Matt Jackson, career enlisted man and gamer and mapper extraordinaire, has been raising funds for the Wounded Warrior Project. His efforts under the title Maps for Heroes reflect both the best of both military tradition and of our disparate, often...
  17. Mark Chance

    [Spes Magna Games] Aquatic Depths & Denizens for Sale

    Aquatic Depths & Denizens, now available at DriveThruRPG, dives into Old School aquatic adventures, offering the Referee and the players these tools to help bring a world of underwater excitement to life: * Rules for swimming, fighting, and exploring underwater * Explanations about using magic...
  18. Mark Chance

    [Spes Magna Games] Optional Skill Resolution Rules for Sale

    "Can my fighter sneak up on the goblin?" "Can my magic-user convince the captain of the guard to let us into the dungeon?" "Can my cleric jump over that wall?" Answer these questions and more with Optional Skill Resolution Rules. Simple, flexible, and narrative, OSR2 gives players tools to...
  19. Mark Chance

    PF1E [Spes Magna Games] Astounding Archetypes: Bloodhand Gang

    Here's the playtest version of Astounding Archetypes: Bloodhand Gang. Presented in the PDF are five archetypes: dragon warrior, jotunkin, telekinetic monk, warp thief, and yo-yo magus (my personal favorite). I originally featured these archetypes on my website. I've tweaked all five a bit here...
  20. Mark Chance

    PF1E [Spes Magna Games] Astounding Archetypes Preview (plus News)

    Spes Magna Games hasn't done much lately, and little of what's been done has related to the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Well, that's changing a bit pretty soon-is. I’m going to try and finish Astounding Archetypes: Bloodhand Gang. This PDF will be a return to Pathfinder material for Spes Magna...