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  1. smiteworks

    Fantasy Grounds Stats Show Massive Pandemic Bump

    I know, right. I was posting and doing stuff at some "other" location before then. :D
  2. smiteworks

    Fantasy Grounds Stats Show Massive Pandemic Bump

    BTW, I just got a notice that I've been on ENWorld for a decade. Wow, time flies.
  3. smiteworks

    Fantasy Grounds Stats Show Massive Pandemic Bump

    Thanks pogre. I still have fond memories of playing in your garage when I first moved to Illinois and having a great time with your massive collection of painted miniatures and scenery. Good times. Moving out of Illinois was the reason I started looking into digital options. We view Fantasy...
  4. smiteworks

    Feast of Legends is a Tabletop RPG Produced By... Wendy's!

    The Ice Jester with the paper crown. Nice.
  5. smiteworks

    Feast of Legends is a Tabletop RPG Produced By... Wendy's!

    I'm kind of curious about what sort of BBEG can successfully keep all their meats frozen. They have some legit skills for evil.
  6. smiteworks

    D&D Complete the Set Bundle and more for 50% off

    Last August we rolled prices on official D&D Fantasy Grounds modules back to a roughly 40% discount off MSRP for those same books in physical form. We also have a 25% discount when you Complete the Set and buy everything in the D&D Bundle. With our big Summer Sale, we now offer an additional 25%...
  7. smiteworks

    SF STARFINDER Minis & Starship Combat Demo

    That certainly brings back fond memories of Spelljammer.
  8. smiteworks

    Gen Con Seminar Interest Check

    Hello ENWorlders, SmiteWorks will be hosting a series of seminars at Gen Con this year to cover how to run your RPG game online using Fantasy Grounds. There are many ways to play and run RPG games online, but we will be hosting the events and therefore only covering how to do so within Fantasy...
  9. smiteworks

    Enter For a Chance to Win Fantasy Grounds Ultimate and Kobold Press Pack

    Enter For a Chance to WinJoin the Fantasy Grounds membership drive for a chance to win an Ultimate license of Fantasy Grounds and two great 5E compatible products from Kobold Press. The grand prize includes an Ultimate License of Fantasy Grounds to run it with so that your players don't need...
  10. smiteworks

    WOIN & Fantasy Grounds

    This is an early prototype screen.
  11. smiteworks

    Frog God Games' Fifth Edition Foes is now available on Fantasy Grounds!

    I'm happy to announce that SmiteWorks and Frog God Games have signed an agreement to bring FGG and Necromancer Games products over to Fantasy Grounds. This includes Fifth Edition Foes, which is available today, and other great products like Rappan Athuk, Razor Coast, Tome of Horrors, The Lost...
  12. smiteworks

    SmiteWorks is Hiring a Full-time Production Coordinator for Fantasy Grounds

    SmiteWorks is looking to add another talented individual to the team. If you seek a career in RPGs and you want to be on the ground floor of some exciting new releases over the following years, then please check out our requirements and apply by email to support@fantasygrounds.com. Job...
  13. smiteworks

    Sale Fantasy Grounds and add-ons on sale for the Lunar New Year

    The sale runs on Steam and on our site. The core licenses are on sale at 10% off and select DLC are on sale from 10% - 40% off. The price discounts are available from both storefronts, so you can choose which method you prefer. http://store.steampowered.com/app/252690/...
  14. smiteworks

    Sale D&D and More ON Sale for the Fantasy Grounds virtual tabletop!

    Are you looking for a last minute Christmas gift? The Fantasy Grounds store now has a massive sale running from today through January 4th. You can also buy gift certificates and have them emailed to friends and family so they can take advantage of the amazing discounts. Nearly everything is on...
  15. smiteworks

    5E Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition Item Pack now available for Fantasy Grounds

    Item Lore Galore! Steep your campaign in the deep Forgotten Realms lore of Baldur's Gate. Don't just include another longsword +1 in your treasure parcel. Instead, fill your loot with magical trinkets, weapon and armor that left an impact on the realms. The party's bard or sage can regale the...
  16. smiteworks

    4E 4E DnD Insider Moving; No Longer Available To New Subscribers

    I liked them and kept my subscription active for probably a year and a half after I last played D&D 4E. I had a blast playing 4E over Fantasy Grounds, but I had also built up a nice set of data modules so I could automate the majority of the combat. I would use the character builder from DDI...
  17. smiteworks

    5E Official Baldur's Gate Portrait Packs available for Fantasy Grounds

    Do you wish that you could recapture the experience you had playing Baldur's Gate, but using Fantasy Grounds and your own campaign? Take a look at the new Baldur's Gate portrait packs available in the store and on Steam. Now you too can recreate your favorite characters...
  18. smiteworks

    5E D&D Complete Dungeon Master's Guide is now available for Fantasy Grounds

    This conversion took us quite a while longer than expected to complete, but we think people will really like the end result. While it contains the entire reference material from the book, it also contains all the random tables, magic items and magic item templates from the book pre-loaded into...
  19. smiteworks

    Sale Fantasy Grounds Black Friday Sale starts now. Get massive discounts. 40% off some D&D content.

    The same discounts are also available on Steam until Tuesday morning (12/1). http://store.steampowered.com/dlc/252690
  20. smiteworks

    Sale Fantasy Grounds Black Friday Sale starts now. Get massive discounts. 40% off some D&D content.

    Almost everything in the FG store is currently on sale for the holidays. While the sale lasts (Nov 25 thru Dec 1st), you can get some great deals. Base Software Core licenses are 25% off. If you just want to go month-to-month, Subscriptions are still free for the first 30 days, with no...