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    Opening Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes

    Excellent review, thanks! I'm definitely picking it up now!
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    Xanathar's Guide To Everything Reviewed

    Excellent information, thanks!
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    General Did anyone ever "win" D&D?

    A game I ran for over a year and a half (weekly 8+hour sessions)that ended with the PCs becoming deities and being put on a new world created by AO (the Forgotten Realms Over-God.) They had messed up the world so much with their crusading (for starters: they wiped out the Zhents, literally...
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    1E Seeking advice for my first 1e campaign

    Wow... You've all given me quite a bit to think about. Thanks! I'm going to dig through the books a bit more carefully over the next few days and see what I want to use. GDQ sounds too good to skip running, so I might do that rather than the Tomb (or run the tomb as a one-off for them.)
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    1E Seeking advice for my first 1e campaign

    Awesome replies, guys! Thanks!!
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    1E Seeking advice for my first 1e campaign

    Heya folks! I'm thinking of running a 1e game starting with Keep on the Borderlands (of course, tweaked for AD&D) and culminating with The Tomb of Horrors. My friends and I have been playing in the range of 10-15 years, and most of my experience as a DM comes from 3e, 4e, Cyberpunk 2020, GURPS...
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    4E 4e Multiclassing

    Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere. If so, mods, please feel free to trash this one. :p I had the chance to ask a question of Mr. Mearls at ICON on Saturday, and inquired about multiclassing and retraining rules. They were still being coy about a few things, and this was one of them...
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    4E REAL 4E Stuff!

    I was not let down, nor shall you be.
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    4E 4E Marketing Campaign?

    I would hope that WotC would try to get WoW players interested in D&D, not as a replacement for WoW, but as a different type of game in the same general genre (fantasy). Plenty of WoW players that I've spoken with (having played most of my time on RP servers) have played PnP games, but don't...
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    4E 4E Marketing Campaign?

    I feel so dirty now. I hope The Rouse calls me in the morning. :p
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    4E 4E Marketing Campaign?

    If I didn't send out links to ENWorld and the WotC articles none of my friends would know about 4e. Zero. I just hope that we start to see something that will get outside of the forums and hit the mainstream of geekdom. Does that make us fringe geeks? :p
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    4E 4E is like WoW (NOT!)

    My warrior has these shoulders which always look as though the huge spikes will drive straight through his head :lol: Big shoulders: They look cool, but they're totally impractical ;)
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    4E 4E is like WoW (NOT!)

    I've heard "WotC is trying to make D&D into MtG, because that's their game, and..." since 3e came out in 2000. In answer to your (possibly rhetorical) question, I doubt most of the people comparing the two have played WoW, or if they did, for more than a few minutes on a friend's account...
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    4E Wizards to run 4e Demos before June

    GAH! Gene beat me to it! :lol: Either that list is incomplete or the folks at I-CON are fibbing. :p Also, if you're outside the US or far from any of these places, try contacting Wizards and asking if you can run the sample adventure for a few people, or ask your FLGS to call on your...
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    3E/3.5 Problems with 3.5 I don't wanna see in 4th

    I houseruled the golf club problem away with alchemical weapon oils that acted as the substance (silver, cold iron, adamantine, etc.) for 10 rounds or 10 swings, which ever comes first. 1 use, and over 250g/vial was enough to balance it out at higher levels, especially for high BAB classes.
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    Campaign Length

    I've seen posts on a few boards about people playing in, or running FR campaigns that have lasted (or are still being played after) 10, 15 or even 20 years. Now, I've been playing RP games for around 14-15 years, and only two of those have lasted for over a year of consistent play (a 2e DarkSun...
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    4E My compiled list of 4E's WoWisms

    I haven't played a game where a healer critting against an enemy would innately heal the party, but a few games (WoW and CoH are the only ones I have experience with in this example) allow healers to crit-heal and ally under the same rules as crit-damage to foes, althought that doesn't seem to...
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    4E The 4e Mystery Race is going to be...

    You got me :) No, I've never had the opportunity to play Eberron, as my group has a large percentage of big time Realms fans in it... Now that you mention it, though, it's an interesting, albeit icky, concept (j/k) :lol:
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    4E The 4e Mystery Race is going to be...

    I'd prefer full-blood Orcs to Half-Orcs. If they're pushing the Orc towards being a standard PC race (The Orc King, set in FR starts doing exactly that), then I find it hard to see Half-Orcs around, as they tend to be a reminder that Orcs like to... well... let's just say that I've never heard...
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    A humble request...

    I'll be posting this in a few places, please forgive me if you see this in a few different forums... Since the announcement of 4th Edition, I've taken to reading and posting on forums that I had previously just lurked. After years of playing, reading about, and enjoying not only Forgotten...