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  1. MerricB

    My Biggest Concern for Pathfinder 2e

    I'm not sure if you could describe PF1's grappling as "simple", even though the roll to initiate it was simpler than 3E's! It takes about a page of text to describe what it does! Cheers!
  2. MerricB

    PF2 Wizard Favoritism & Errata

    That seems like a pretty big errata to miss...
  3. MerricB

    PF2 Low-level Wizards in PF2 - are they still underpowered?

    I'm okay with the wizard having to change initiative to be effective, but - as you note - it's something that may be missed. Cheers!
  4. MerricB

    PF2 Low-level Wizards in PF2 - are they still underpowered?

    The thing which surprised me was the lack of effect spells! Initiative order has a big effect on how good sleep is. (You really want to cast it just after the monsters activate, not just before!) Colour spray is the most interesting of the rest, I think. I'm curious how many targets you'll...
  5. MerricB

    PF2 Low-level Wizards in PF2 - are they still underpowered?

    Do you even play 5E? Firebolt, the 5E wizard's cantrip of choice, does 1d10 damage.
  6. MerricB

    PF2 Low-level Wizards in PF2 - are they still underpowered?

    Please, do some research about oD&D and AD&D first-level wizards. Yes, they were mostly useless (my OD&D-playing friends tell me they throw a lot of daggers and darts, even into melee, as the fighters have a high enough AC for them to miss, and they hit the less-armoured opponents!), but the...
  7. MerricB

    PF2 Low-level Wizards in PF2 - are they still underpowered?

    Thanks, Campbell! Anyone played a first-level wizard yet? How did it go?
  8. MerricB

    PF2 Are you moving from 5E to PF2?

    The majority of my gaming is likely to remain 5E, but I'm interested in seeing what PF2 offers. (The playtest was underwhelming, but I'm expecting the finished product to be superior). Cheers!
  9. MerricB

    PF2 So... Anyone Thinking Of Running A PF2 Game?

    I'm likely to run a few sessions, but not sure when. All my potential players (who are big fans of PF) suddenly decided to take holidays! Cheers!
  10. MerricB

    PF2 Low-level Wizards in PF2 - are they still underpowered?

    One of the biggest problems I had with the PF2 playtest was how poor wizards were (especially at first level). Some cantrips have been slightly improved in this version, but the 1st-level spells are mostly the same - and I think they're underwhelming. (More analysis of first-level spells)...
  11. MerricB

    Amazon ratings of Ghosts of Saltmarsh

    The initial ratings for Ghosts of Saltmarsh could have been better... :) Two ratings: 1 star, and 3 stars - no reviews attached! Cheers!
  12. MerricB

    5E Running DDAL04 Adventures as a Campaign

    Best of luck! I've run through the entire series twice, and it needs some work to make it all hang together. Some of the adventures are awesome, others less so. There's a couple of things in it that were included to set-up details for future seasons of the DDAL adventures, but then they moved...
  13. MerricB

    5E Awarding One Magic Weapon only to each player in a campaign

    G'day, folks! I was just thinking of my process of awarding magic items in my 5E homebrew, and I realised that my approach to magic weapons had changed, partly as a result of the changing editions. While in previous editions there'd be lots of magic weapons lying about (so many guards armed...
  14. MerricB

    DDAL Death Curse: Waiting it Out

    Just checking my interpretation of the rules... * A DDAL character who plays any Season 7 or CCC adventure becomes affected by the Death Curse. * Once the T3 adventures get released (January 2018), that character can no longer play Season 7 Tier 1 or 2 adventures or Tomb of Annihilation. * This...
  15. MerricB

    5E Designing Investigative Adventures

    I've now designed my first investigative adventure. There's a mystery. The players have to solve it. It's the middle bits that are hard. Big showdown against the Bad Guy at the end? Easy. What the problem is? Easy. Working out the clues that the PCs can find? Working out what the Bad Guy...
  16. MerricB

    5E Will your campaign be purely adventuring?

    The early days of D&D included this assumption that player characters would end up building strongholds and assuming positions of responsibility - fighters ruling land, rogues becoming the head of thieves' guilds, and the like. It something that later editions moved away from, though they...
  17. MerricB

    5E Which Greyhawk?

    One of those questions that I wonder about is this: If Greyhawk were to come back as a setting (even if only enabled for DMs Guild creators), which version of the setting would you want to see? And, to some extent, my answer to that question is "none of them! I want to see mine!" There have...
  18. MerricB

    5E Retrospectives on the Yawning Portal adventures

    Wizards of the Coast have announced their first product of 2017. It’s a compilation of seven previous-published adventures, updated and revised for the new edition of Dungeons & Dragons. Its name? Tales from the Yawning Portal. I’ve had the pleasure of playing or dungeon-mastering all seven of...
  19. MerricB

    5E Mike Mearls on D&D (New Interview with James Introcaso)

    G'day, folks! James Introcaso, once the host of the Round Table on the Tome Show, has started a new podcast - Tabletop Babble. His first guest is Mike Mearls, who talks about the success of this edition of D&D and what's coming up. Not much actual product talk, but some very interesting...
  20. MerricB

    5E Secret Character Creation

    I'm starting a new Greyhawk Campaign next Friday, and for a change I'm not letting the players know what characters the others are playing to begin with. Instead, they'll email me a few concepts, I'll choose one for each - keeping an eye on party balance - and when they start they can be...