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  1. JeffB

    5E A (good) 5E adventure for Basic Rules only

    Not too much free out there that I know of. I believe FGG/Necromancer re-released The Wizards Amulet for 5E.
  2. JeffB

    Pathfinder 2 and the game Paizo should have made

    No doubt you can get through so much more in a very light system. My own 4E games were not that drawn out however, as I "13th Aged" 4E* to adapt to our TOTM style * before 13th Age became a thing
  3. JeffB

    Pathfinder 2 and the game Paizo should have made

    I meant to touch on this earlier- I've been following Oblivion Oath on youtube and it has kept me interested for quite some time but the last episode really killed my enthusiasm. Though I like the show, they ran a combat of 4 2nd level characters (and NPC follower) against a "boss" and 4 or 5...
  4. JeffB

    Pathfinder 2 and the game Paizo should have made

    To me, this seems to be the game Buhlman always wanted to make from day one. It's not the game for me, but I never worked up much hope after seeing the playtest. It has some bits I like and plenty I don't. Mainly all the fiddly bits for feats and conditional mods for combat that were a time...
  5. JeffB

    5E Ideas for demon lord campaign

    Check out MM1/2/3 for 4E. Good material on 3 Demon Lords and their cults/followers.
  6. JeffB

    Free 60+ page Guide to Sword & Sorcery for 5E D&D

    Unsure if people misunderstood my comment- I wasn't complaining about the nudity, despite that my heritage includes puritans who arrived in North America long before the 13 Colonies revolted :) I was jokingly saying in addition to all the great nipple shots the art is fantastic ;)
  7. JeffB

    Free 60+ page Guide to Sword & Sorcery for 5E D&D

    This is awesome. Excellent genre style art (besides all the nipples ;) ) Just glanced through, but I will spend some more time with it over the weekend. Thank you for posting it.
  8. JeffB

    D&D as a Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland

    Sword & Sorcery and it's PA style worlds- the Literary roots of D&D, have long been abandoned (other than Vancian magic). D&D has become it's own brand of fantasy where the fiction of the Cosmos is re-written every time an edition changes in order to compensate for new gameplay additions. At...
  9. JeffB

    my players told me what they want in a rpg for the next campaign

    I think you should stick with Fantasy Age Or, my fave D20 game- 13th Age Or Dungeon World. Rules are free and there are hacks out there for free that are less player facing-centric if you would prefer to run a slightly more traditional game and DM campaign setting-One Shot World, World of...
  10. JeffB

    The new sidekick rules are great not just for 1-on-1 games

    Essentially (NPI) Companion characters- Used them for PCs and NPCs in 4E for years, as well as in 13A. If a player doesn't want to deal with complexity and just wants to play, they are awesome.
  11. JeffB

    Free Pathfinder 2e Introductory Adventure from Paizo

    Not sure I would call that an adventure, it's pretty much just a combat encounter. Nonetheless, appreciate they threw it out for us as a freebie.
  12. JeffB

    5E What type of D&D sourcebooks do you miss from older editions?

    Not more "save the realms from epic threats" 15 level hardback adventures. On a specific note- Products like: Volos Guides-Fun reads for player and GM. Tons of plot hooks, but nothing players shouldn't know. Perfect for creating adventures as well as improv adventures when players decide to...
  13. JeffB

    Nominate your favourite D&D villain!

    Maybe not the greatest of all time, or most well known, but the ones I have had fun with torturing..errr..springing on...players over the years Acererak (going by several different names depending on the setting) The Slavers Sanbalet The (Chaotic) Cleric at The Keep The Lich King (13A) An...
  14. JeffB

    Which edition of D&D did you grow up with?

    LBB set + Greyhawk Eldritch Wizardry Gods, Demigods, and Heroes A Brand new Holmes Box A brand new Monster Manual Late in 1977.
  15. JeffB

    Failed House Rules

    I used Companion characters for the younger ones, and gave them a few extra powers than typical. Even as they grew into College Age kids, they still didn't want the hassle of full blown 4E characters. It worked great. I wish I had seen this as well at the time- Basic 4E- it breaks the...
  16. JeffB

    Failed House Rules

    Mearls' GH initiative did not go over well with my players.
  17. JeffB

    Failed House Rules

    I've run improv games as the DM like that in 4e, and it was great, but the players used standard powers. We're your players just uncomfortable with the improv/coming up with ideas?
  18. JeffB

    Best and Worst Editions- For Adventures.

    Most of it was garbage (3E/D20)- But when you start talking S&S ,NECRO, FFG, Kalamar, some of the GG dungeons- I think the jump up is worth it. As for Judges Guild- I will also agree on some stinkers- mostly in their Universal lineup. But the Wilderland series, the more focused Wilderlands...
  19. JeffB

    Best and Worst Editions- For Adventures.

    If we count Third Party, which I wasn't then 3E jumps up a.couple notches 2E stays 4E pulls ahead of 2e 5E goes up one notch. O/AD&D and the Basic games go through the roof with the addition of Judges Guild, Wee Warriors, Dungeoneer, and all of the great products being produced for the OSR.
  20. JeffB

    Best and Worst Editions- For Adventures.

    Well 4e was probably the worst. They did have some nice ideas and locations and steered away from some tropes,but most were linear combat slogs with encountler after encounter-and between those encounters was some good stuff. That said, a couple fun ones too (reavers, winter king). I do prefer...