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  1. arkwright

    ZEITGEIST [Spoilers] Fey Sickness

    GMs, Zeit writers- I bring you a theory, some Deep Lore. But first, the story of how I found it. Zeitgeist. My party and I start it, and start running it. A crucial issue at the beginning of the AP: *industry vs the fey in Risur*. We nod sagely and RP appropriately as we mosey on through the...
  2. arkwright

    ZEITGEIST Art for Captain Thrusty

    With my party having reached Hunlow, I thought I would share some art I whipped up for the one the only, the master of all elf slaves, the corpulent fiend too corrupted for even the Golden Legion- Captain Thrusty.
  3. arkwright

    ZEITGEIST A debate given form: new statted-plane handouts for Schism

    Reading through Schism, I immediately had a problem with the Convocation debate, one posters have had previously. No firm planes are discussed, merely 'plane with an aspect of cyclicality' or 'lawful elemental planes'. I decided to be ambitious with my own version; every faction would be able to...
  4. arkwright

    ZEITGEIST Party Motivations in Books 7-9: Why do they fight?

    My group are two sessions into Schism, and we're running into problems. I'm not here to discuss most of them- 'how can you debate planes without listing their full stats and just going by aspects', 'how can you take a faction from a forum thread and then swap out half its planes', 'why is the Ob...
  5. arkwright

    ZEITGEIST (Spoilers) Lost Threads: Can a Tiger Change his Stripes?

    Heyo. In Act 2, there's a pretty clear 'dropped thread', potentially a rather interesting one, concerning the Children of Hewanharimau. Betronga is defensive of Ingatan’s Refuge. Though his people do not worship Ingatan specifically, they know this place is holy. They believe that, though most...
  6. arkwright

    ZEITGEIST (Spoilers) Catch a Falling Star?

    Wotcher, me again. In the Zeitgeist universe, stars seem to fall a lot. How, and why? What are they? Arsenal of Dhebisu The greatest warrior of her day snatched a falling star and used it to slay a rakshasa. Skyseer Vision of Avilona You float, the constellation Draco beside you, and beneath...
  7. arkwright

    ZEITGEIST (Spoilers) Secrets of the Skull

    Afternoon, all. I come with two questions. The words carved into the stock of Kvarti Gorbatiy's gun; "Cry out/for at the end of time/I Rise." What do they refer to? The Lich in Knutpara? Why are the same words carved into the skull of Cheshimox?
  8. arkwright

    ZEITGEIST [Spoilers] Giving back to the community (in meme form)

    I feel a little guilty sometimes. I take and take from this community- asking questions on forums, taking all the maps and asking for more, searching everywhere for further clarifying details on this brilliant AP. Well, not today. Today I give back. In meme form!
  9. arkwright

    ZEITGEIST [Spoilers] Down with the Cow

    My party's at book 6 and they're far from enamored with his Bruseness, Shantus. They'd rather like a regime change. The problem is that, as far as I can tell, the only mechanism is Tinker managing to assassinate the Bruse in his ambush. Anything else seems like a regime-destabilizing...
  10. arkwright

    ZEITGEIST [Spoilers] Title Revealed When?

    So, a quick question. Nicodemus, Nicodemus the Gnostic. At what stage of the AP should one reveal the 'Gnostic' part? The book doesn't seem to offer much guidance on that point. Is it something anyone in the Ob actually knows? It doesn't seem like 'Nicodemus the Gnostic' is an important enough...
  11. arkwright

    ZEITGEIST (Spoilers) A Universe of Choices

    Heyo. My group is starting to ask questions about planes outside the system, and I've run into some problems. 1. In the Players' guide, Jiese governs war and important dates. Yet in Jiese's Act 3 entries it's all about industry and cunning. Which is it? It's a bit hard to say since Jiese oil in...
  12. arkwright

    ZEITGEIST Who's That Crime Lord (Spoilers)

    Let me set the scene- Book 8, a newspaper article. Two books after Lorcan Kell falls, and Morgan Cippiano (presumably) rises to power. The Primo Rising! A new crime lord has come to prominence in Flint, filling a void left since the collapse of the Kell guild. Known as ‘the Primo’—a subtle...
  13. arkwright

    ZEITGEIST Book 5: A naval question, and an unrelated offering

    Heyo. I'm prepping to run book 5, and one question has popped up- and I'd also like to share a little map tweak I made. First, the question- it concerns the Borne naval fight near the end of the book. It describes the 'naval map', the stages; 'the long stretch of docks, several areas of open...
  14. arkwright

    ZEITGEIST Everybody Lives (Grr) (Spoilers Book 4)

    Sooo... Book 4, Always on Time. It's kind of heavily assumed by the book that in the Malice Lands bandit attack, there will be at least a few casualties among the passengers. But, thanks to lots of poking around and preparations, my party arranged it such that no one was killed or even...
  15. arkwright

    ZEITGEIST [Spoilers]Portals to Somewhere?

    Heyo. A small section of Always On Time has caused me to rethink how I handled something in Digging for Lies, I could use some quick help. In essence- what exactly is behind the seals in all of the ancient ziggurats? Behind the Apet seal is nothing, a portal to empty space. Book 3 is pretty...
  16. arkwright

    Gamers Wanted! [Gamer Wanted] Ongoing Zeitgeist online campaign might need a replacement.

    Heyo. I'm currently running the Zeitgeist AP, and my party and I have just started book 4. One player is sadly having scheduling problems, and we might need to replace them. I'm looking for anyone who might be interested. Key parts 4e Online text-only using Discord and Maptool Current...
  17. arkwright

    ZEITGEIST [Spoilers]On Iconography

    Heyo; one more question. The golden icons. The party finds three on Axis Island, and Xambria has another in book 3. Used in the Axis Ritual, etc etc. But, I'm stuck on one question- where do they come from? Where have they all resided since the Axis Ritual? After some searching, I've come up...
  18. arkwright

    ZEITGEIST [Spoilers] On the Matter of Rings

    Heading into Book 4, one of my players has reached new heights of enterprise, requiring me to ask for clarification on a few ambiguities with regard to the Ob's rings and their ring-code. They're thinking of forging their own rings. 1. How do Obscurati members use the rings to recognize their...
  19. arkwright

    ZEITGEIST [Zeitgeist]Another Titchy Plot Question

    Heyo. I've been trying to track down everything about why Stanfield decided to join the conspiracy, I've found a small gap I can't fill. In the oneshot 'Bands of Forced Faith', Stanfield's background includes this line. Last night you were visited again by the same wise man who helped you...
  20. arkwright

    ZEITGEIST [Zeitgeist] Double-checking Ship Command Modifiers

    Could I get some help on the Command modifiers of ships with captains in the AP? (4e, Compilation). Given the formula- highest mental modifier + half level- most of them seem to be wrong. Book Ship Name Command Mod Cap Level Cap Stat Correct Command Mod Difference 2 La Grifoni Grinyande 6 2...