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    Sell Me On WotBS / Zeitgeist

    Looking to buy a 1-30 4e AP, and I've heard good things about both. Authors are welcome to toot their own horns, if you care to comment. :) Alternatively, folks are welcome to sell me on any other 1-30 AP for 4e.
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    5E Do You DM or Play with Flair?

    I’ve been hankering for a homebrew campaign, and I’ve got a few ideas to add a new spin on the old classics. Gygax and Arneson put campaign-inspired flair into many classes as they appeared, and I think it’d be fun if every class had a bit of flair. Potential rules details which I may have...
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    Help Me Make My Skill Challenge Fun

    I wasn't able to make SCs fun in 2008, and gave up after a few tries. But now I'm running the dungeon area of a Dungeon adventure, and I'm less than enthusiastic about playing through it in the traditional one-room-at-a-time fashion. There are lots of 5-foot corridors, traps, and isolated...
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    5E 15 Petty Reasons I Won't Buy 5e

    I read a WotC article months ago saying that "Magic items will be about the story, not the math." Please, magic items are about the story and the math. Denying the importance of one just makes me think you can't design games. Speaking of magic items, 5e still has +X items. *yawn* And speaking of...
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    5E Is Anyone Unhappy About Non-LG Paladins?

    Just curious.
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    What is a Spell List?

    Fluff-wise, what do you think a spell list is? 1. Spells that your particular PC is familiar with, thanks to his or her particular mentor. 2. The spells that are frequently used by members of your PC's class. 3. A representative selection of spells that members of your PC's class are able to...
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    Why Do Batman Fans Hate Christopher Nolan?

    I have a confession to make: I love CN's Batman trilogy. It's got continuity, memorable villains, and Hans Zimmer. The only other Batman flick that sticks out in my mind is Batman Returns...and I think CN's trilogy still wins out as my preference. But I'm told that CN left several plot holes...
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    A Look at Alignment Through the Editions

    What with the current Thread That Won't End, I thought it might be enlightening to go through and read what each PHB has to say about alignment. See, I'm not actually all that familiar with D&D alignments. I think I read the 2e AD&D alignment chapter once or twice back in the '90s, and then the...
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    Finding [a New] Religion...

    No, I'm not about to request suggestions. ;) As this is a forum full of role players, I thought we might be able to get creative about the question I'm about to ask without getting all touchy and argumentative, and come up with some interesting discussion. So here goes: If you were ever to...
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    Would Paizo Make a Better Steward for Our Hobby?

    When discussing the industry, it's fun to think about things that will never happen, like "What if Paizo owned D&D"? Assuming that Paizo wrote a ruleset that you personally loved (or stuck with PF if you love it)... ...It's an appealing thought. Paizo seems to be a much better company than...
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    Words, Phrases, and Misspellings We Hate

    Savage Wombat wagered in the gish thread that if I started a thread about my grammatical pet peeves, I'd get plenty of sympathy hate. So I am. My first one is a recent development: character option 'bloat.' I'm sorry, but bloat is a female problem. Options are icing on the game cake! My second...
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    How did Trek Become Such a Phenomenon?

    Does it play on some deep sense of optimism for the future of technology and culture? 'Cause Trek is more than a little silly in both regards. Aside from faster-than-light travel and unlimited clean energy, the Federation utopia strains credulity at the very least. Apparently humanity has...
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    Reinventing the [Great] Wheel

    Just for fun, I've been converting Planescape to my own personal image of perfection, and next on my to-do list is the alignment exemplars! I am a fanboy of original PS, but not of all the details. I'd like to narrow the exemplars down to nine races that are more thought-through than the canon...
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    Planescape Conversion!

    So recently I’ve been on a PS kick, fiddling around and tweaking it to my own tastes. I’m writing a pdf that contains a trifecta of my favorite D&Disms -- Planescape, DiTerlizzi artwork, and 4e rules. But I’m ashamed to say I’ve played very little PS, so I’m curious how other PS fans see it...
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    Disabling Auto-Subscribe?

    I'm probably just missing it, but is there a way? It's kind of annoying to get a notice every time someone posts in a thread I've posted in. (I know how to delete subscriptions, but it'd be nice to have them be initially voluntary again.) Thanks!
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    Breaking Edition Stereotypes

    I have a strong realistic/simulationist streak. There are some things that I can simply not think about; sports, celebrity gossip, how long it'll take to pay off my student loans. But D&D's rules and how they reflect its in-game reality is not one of those things; I can’t help but think about...
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    [Combat] Tuning the Threat Dials

    Some of you may be familiar with my Marvelous Monsters guide. Well I'd like to add guidelines for dialing up the danger level and/or length of combat. I know that some of you DMs have experience in this area, so I'm asking for it! I think the standard house rule for shorter combats is half...
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    Variant Encounters: Gank the Guard!

    After a thread some time ago involving the Gank the Guard situation -- in which the PCs try to kill guards/sentries before they can shout for help -- it occurred to me that 4e has no guidelines for this kind of encounter. Which is kind of odd, given how many great guidelines 4e has. So I've been...
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    Calling [Real Life] Outdoor Experts!

    I've gone on somewhat of a design tangent that I'd like input for. I'm broadly categorizing climate types as a way to organize natural hazards: Forests come in three varieties: cold evergreen forests, temperate perennial forests, and hot rain forests. Forest hazards include fires and...
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    Homebrew: "Twin Strike" for an Avenger

    I've just introduced a player to the game; he played a ranger pregen in his first session, and then died. Now he wants to play an avenger with two swords, because he liked it as a ranger. I told him that avengers don't normally dual-wield, but that I'd see what I could do since I'm making his PC...