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  1. M.L. Martin

    5E Initial D&D Next Releases Showing Up on Barnes & Noble Website

    Well, it looks like the first information has started to leak out to bookstores, as the following products can be found on barnesandnoble.com D&D Starter Set, releasing July 15, 2014, list price $19.95 D&D Player's Handbook, releasing August 19, 2014, list price $49.95 That's a pretty...
  2. M.L. Martin

    OD&D November 2013--Deluxe OD&D Reprint (White Box + Supplements I-IV)

    Spotted by Alter_Boy over on RPG.net . . . http://www.wizards.com/DnD/Product.aspx?x=dnd/products/dndacc/45390000 $150 US, but a solid product for the price, it appears.
  3. M.L. Martin

    July 2013: Magic Item Compendium Reprint

    Found on Amazon here. At this rate, WotC will have published more 3.5 and 1E material between the announcement and release of Next than 4E material. ;) :p EDIT: Never mind, scooped.
  4. M.L. Martin

    3E/3.5 More 1E and 3.5 Reprints

    Every so often, I check what Amazon has listed for WotC releases, as a means of seeing what's upcoming. The schedule appears to have finally updated--reprints of some key supplements are coming in 2013. For Valentine's Day, 1st Edition fans may finally get a copy of Unearthed Arcana that will...
  5. M.L. Martin

    August 2012--Menzoberranzan: City of Intrigue

    Just spotted this on Amazon. The new setting hinted at at GenCon 2011, or just a supplement?
  6. M.L. Martin

    What is "The Good of the Game" and "Playing D&D Well"?

    You know, this quote's bugged me for a while, so I thought I'd put some questions about it (and some other questions about a parallel quote in the 1E PH) out there. What does "the good of the game" mean in this context? Is Gygax just thinking of an overall set of interlocking campaigns, or is...
  7. M.L. Martin

    January 2010 Releases: Underdark, PH Heroes: Dragonborn, Galaxy of Intrigue

    Over on the WotC boards, Jedi_Comedian revealed that the next STAR WARS book, Galaxy of Intrigue, had shown up on Amazon. I thought I'd take a look and report on what was coming for WotC's other game. ;) Underdark, by Rob Heinsoo and Andy Collins. 160 pages, $29.95 Player's Handbook Races...
  8. M.L. Martin

    Forked Thread: Why Ravenloft and 4E May Not Mesh

    Forked from: What do you think the new setting will be, from Ampersand? Fear, horror, and powers check rules were attempts to encourage roleplaying, although they may not always have been clear and effective in that regard. And Ravenloft is different enough from 'bog standard D&D' that 4E...
  9. M.L. Martin

    DMG2 blurb on Amazon. Attention Planescape fans!

    Amazon has the following blurb up for the Dungeon Master's Guide 2:
  10. M.L. Martin

    Forked Thread: D&D: Generic and Specific Both?

    Forked from: Predict the Future: How will what we have today EVOLVE INTO 5th Edition? I think you have a point, but I've seen the "D&D as generic fantasy/toolkit" idea around enough, and from people who've worked closely with the game (such as Steven "Stan!" Brown, who was with TSR/WotC...
  11. M.L. Martin

    1.5, 2.5, 3.5, forked from: Evolution of the Fighter

    Forked from: Evolution of the Fighter Personally, I do think of Unearthed Arcana as 1.5, not so much for what it did, but for how other products reacted to it. My rule of thumb: A new sub-edition is created by products when future products begin to assume their use or availability in...
  12. M.L. Martin

    4E Notes from the 4E Corebooks: Alignment, Monsters, Artifacts and More

    First of all, thanks to Stormtalon, who noted that my FLGS (name deleted to protect the innocent :D ) had copies of the three core rulebooks for browsing. I swung by after work this afternoon and took a look. The following are my impressions of the parts I looked at--somewhat scattered and...
  13. M.L. Martin

    Undead Sourcebook in January 2009

    Open Grave: Secrets of the Undead Along with the Clone Wars Campaign Guide for STAR WARS.
  14. M.L. Martin

    November Releases Up on Amazon

    Am I really the first person to break this news? Draconomicon I: Chromatic Dragons (D&D Rules Expansion) Same size and price point as the 3.5 Draconomicon . . . and focused entirely on evil dragons. :D Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Game Starter Set (D&D Introductory Game) And for...
  15. M.L. Martin

    "Magic Items Compendium I" renamed "Tome of Treasures"?

    I was on Amazon and checking out my personalized recommendations list, and I saw this: Tome of Treasures Concept's the same, release date's the same, and the Magic Item Compendium I has disappeared from the product list at Amazon. I wonder if they changed the name to avoid confusion with...
  16. M.L. Martin

    Dark Sun Novels Back in Print--Starting Sept. 2008

    Listed on Amazon Note that this same method--reprinting novels in trade paperback format, taking advantage of an author whose popularity has risen in recent years (Denning's been one of the major Star Wars novelists recently)--was used for Ravenloft starting last year, and the result has...
  17. M.L. Martin

    New Design & Development: Feats

    Never rains but it pours. http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/drdd/20071126&authentic=true Those of us familiar with SWSE will recognize some of this (the 'repurposing' of feats, the new Toughness), but other elements are new. I note that tiers now are used to categorize feats, and...
  18. M.L. Martin

    Product Blurbs Up on Amazon

    The entries for the May--August 2008 WotC products on Amazon.com now have product blurbs associated with them. Here's the 4E PH's--it actually contains something new. Three-tiered quasi-class structure, perhaps? I've been thinking of something like that for nearly 20 years, inspired by...
  19. M.L. Martin

    From the WotC Boards: Mearls on 'Aggro'

    This got posted at the WotC boards yesterday, and I thought it might alleviate some concerns around here. Here's the link if anyone wants the full context.
  20. M.L. Martin

    One Level Scale to Rule Them All?

    WotC designer Rodney Thompson just posted this on his GenCon blog thread at the WotC boards Dare we hope that the disjoint between character level and spell level is going the way of other design artifacts? Oh happy day! :)