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  1. covaithe

    Feature request: Option to disable notifications for post quotes

    The notifications area (see attached image) is often quite useful, and I pay a fair amount of attention to it. The mentions feature in particular is awesome. However, it seems like about half of my notifications recently have been for when other people quote my posts, like so: Thing is, 99...
  2. covaithe

    Proposal: change the rules for character approval

    I propose that we make the following changes to the character review and approval process: Create a new position called Senior Reviewer (SR for short). Judges are SRs, and judges can create new SRs by adding their names to the list maintained in the charter, and by granting them admin...
  3. covaithe

    Pre-proposal: Overhaul the character approval system

    Background: The current system of character approvals is broken. Despite heroic work by a small handful of inhumanly persistent individuals, the queue is getting farther and farther backed up, and more and more people are having to wait for approvals before getting XP awards. That sucks...
  4. covaithe

    Discussion: Depthworld background

    As far as I know, Ikni is the only character hailing from the Depthworld. She doesn't have a background, because we haven't come up with one for the Depthworld yet. This thread is to talk about coming up with a regional background for the Depthworld. I admit it's mostly motivated by me...
  5. covaithe

    Adventure: Love Bites

    Wherein the events begun in The Closed Eye continue...
  6. covaithe

    Proposal: give covaithe some DM credits

    Hi, folks. In Ring of the Fey Lord, a couple of people are spending DM credits to jump from level 2 to 3, and I'd like to do the same with my character, Ikni. She currently has 1595 xp, and thus would need to spend 7 DM credits to get 728 xp and go to level 3. Problem is, despite a rather...
  7. covaithe

    Swamp Trek III: The Search for Ter-raen

    Gildrim emerges from the Red Dragon, resolve bolstered by new companions. This is a continuation of the events in Urn Your Pay.
  8. covaithe

    covaithe's E1: Death's Reach

    Chapter 1: Zvomarana IC OOC RG The cast: Orelal "Massacre" Lunareth (CaBaNa): Eladrin Wizard / Divine Oracle / Archlich Sarenax the Reaper (Lord Sessadore): Dragonborn Cleric / Angelic Avenger / Darklord Kalas Graybeard (renau1g): Revenant (Human) Warden / Son of Mercy / Chosen of...
  9. covaithe

    [RG] covaithe's E1: Death's Reach

    Post your PCs here. I'll probably use this post to keep some records, too, as time goes by. Encounter 1, outside Massacre's tower: 20,400 xp split between Massacre, Kylek, Sarenax, Kalas, Batin, and Anostor ==> 3400 xp each. Encounter 2, just inside Zvomarana: 33,800 xp split between...
  10. covaithe

    The Closed Eye, part II (DM: covaithe, Judge: garyh)

    Forked from: The Closed Eye (DM: Halford, Judge: garyh) ooc: This thread is a continuation of The Closed Eye.
  11. covaithe

    [4e] covaithe's E1: Death's Reach

    the background For months, dreams have plagued your sleep; snatches of flickering images quickly forgotten on waking, save for a lingering memory of terror and helplessness -- sensations unpleasant and unwelcome for a being of your experience and power. But the fragmented memories are too...
  12. covaithe

    Monster Mash: Oni vs. Lord Sessadore

    Feel free to change your initial positions with your initiative rolls; no farther south than row I for Oni, no farther north than AF for Sessadore. Identical monsters share an initiative count to start with; everyone else gets their own roll. There's plenty of terrain on this map. The decks...
  13. covaithe

    Monster Mash: Atanatotatos vs. nerdytenor

    I've put your tokens out without a great deal of thought; feel free to post initial positions with your initiative rolls; anywhere completely within 5 squares of the stairwells on your end of the arena. Roll initiative separately for each group of identical monsters. No duplicates in this...
  14. covaithe

    Monster Mash: Evilhalfling vs. renau1g

    I've put both teams in fairly random order; if you want them adjusted you can post their starting positions with your init rolls. Anywhere north of row G for Evilh, and anywhere south of AA for renau1g. Roll init separately for each group of identical monsters. No duplicates here, so each...
  15. covaithe

    Monster Mash: CaBaNa vs. the dragon

    Overall map: Closeup on your end: I put your monsters up in fairly disorganized order, but I figure it doesn't matter, since we'll have a few rounds of move actions before the fun really starts. Roll initiative for each group of identical monsters. The dragon's init is 11, which...
  16. covaithe

    [4e] Monster Mash! 4e MvM tournament (Closed)

    This is an experiment I've wanted to try for a while. It's basically a PvP tournament run by 4th edition D&D rules, where each competitor controls a team of monsters. The proposed rules are as follows, but are subject to discussion while we see what the interest level is like. Rules You...
  17. covaithe

    Hoofchew: Behind the scenes

    Part of my goal in running The Long Arm of Lauto 1: Algarezh Hoofchew was to demonstrate that it's not very hard to plan and run a simple but satisfying adventure. (I them promptly sabotaged the "not very hard" part by taking 9 PCs, but I digress...) So this thread is to go through it from...
  18. covaithe

    Bizarre Bazaar: Tankard's Idylls

    This thread is for Tank while he is separated from the party in Bizarre Bazaar.
  19. covaithe

    The Long Arm of Lauto 1: Algarezh Hoofchew

    The third door on the right is labelled "Laicos - Collections", and a raspy voice responds "Enter," at your knock. Inside is a small room lined with shelves holding identical books bound in black leather and labelled in neat, tiny script. The balding man who placed the notice outside looks up...
  20. covaithe

    The Temple of Lauto

    On one of the main streets of Daunton stands the great temple of Lauto. Fronted by a facade of smooth, white marble, and decorated with carvings of a thousand tiny scenes of death and the afterlife, the temple is one of the most imposing buildings in Daunton. It is also certainly among the...