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  1. Sketchpad

    N.O.W. Supers

    When N.O.W. hits, will it contain info on using the WOIN Engine for superheroes?
  2. Sketchpad

    Hellas: Worlds of Sun and Stone

    Hellas: Worlds of Sun & Stone Review By DT Butchino In the immortal words of Charlie Brown, “AAUUUUGGHHH!!” Why would I start a review off like this? I blame Khepra Publishing. I’d just gotten settled with a few games and planned on supporting them for the years to come and then I got a copy...
  3. Sketchpad

    d6 Powers Revised & Expanded

    D6 Powers: Revised and Expanded. By DT Butchino About twenty years ago, I discovered the d6 system. At the time, it was being used in the Star Wars Roleplaying Game and I spent hour with my friends rolling six-sided dice in hopes of thwarting the Empire. In 2004, West End Games returned with a...
  4. Sketchpad

    Adamant Entertainment Questions

    From the Adamant Entertainment News: I was wondering if there were plans to convert this over to any other systems? I know I'd love to see a True20 version.
  5. Sketchpad

    New Modern?

    Has anyone heard if WotC is making a new Modern game? I'd heard a few rumblings that there may be one this summer ... but haven't seen anything.
  6. Sketchpad

    Beholder Sounds from the old Master Tools

    Does anyone have the old sound effects for Master Tools that were previewed? I know there was a Beholder and I think maybe some Goblins ... anyone have these files?
  7. Sketchpad

    d20 Dark*Matter Street Date

    Anyone know the street date for this? I'm looking forward to getting a copy :)
  8. Sketchpad

    You Gotta Have Character

    You Gotta Have Character A Review By DT Butchino First and foremost, “You Gotta Have Character” is a sourcebook for Hero Games’ excellent Fifth Edition Hero System … though the contents could easily be used to inspire adventures and non-player characters in other systems. Let me also say that...
  9. Sketchpad

    REVIEW ADD - You Gotta Have Character

    Hiya, Could someone please add Hero Games' "You Gotta Have Character" to the review section? Many thanks ... (http://www.herogames.com/Products/generalhero.htm ... bottom of page)
  10. Sketchpad

    Add Product in Review Database

    Hiya Gang, Could someone post info for Blackwyrm Games' The Fires of War: The Algernon Files Volume 2 in the review database? There's both a Hero and a M&M version ... is there a way to notate that in just one product? I have a single review for both of them :D Many thanks :)
  11. Sketchpad

    An Idea For d20 Modern Publishers

    I got to thinking about a sourcebook that d20 Modern sorely needs ... a d20 Advanced Class book ... something that's just Advanced Classes, listing from history and SFX maybe? It'd make an awesome companion to the d20 Modern Line and could easily spawn a few other books ... I'd love to see...
  12. Sketchpad

    Could someone add some products for me?

    Could I get the following products added to the Hero page? Hidden Lands (http://www.herogames.com/Products/HL.jsp) HERO System Equipment Guide (http://www.herogames.com/Products/HSEG.jsp) I have reviews for both :)
  13. Sketchpad

    Champions: Superpowered Roleplaying

    First off … this isn’t a d20 product. Okay, now that I have that out of the way, I strongly suggest that anyone running a superhero game use this book. Not only is it written and indexed well, but it has a slew of useful info in it. The first in Hero System’s genre books, Champions...
  14. Sketchpad

    Gadgets and Gear

    Note, this isn’t a d20 product, but rather a Hero Systems product. Though it isn’t designed specifically for d20 or any other system beyond Hero, it’s my belief that it could prove useful as an invaluable source of information for any GM (specifically in the superhero neck of the woods). To...
  15. Sketchpad

    How Does One Become a Reviewer?

    The title says it all ... how does one become a reviewer for EN World?
  16. Sketchpad

    Alignment House Rules

    Hey Gang, I've been looking over D&D in the context of my game and have been thinking of throwing alignments out the door. I was wondering if others have done this? Anyone have any interesting house rules they'd like to share?
  17. Sketchpad

    Relics & Rituals Genre Books?

    Saw this in the Excalibur d20 thread ... has there been a price assigned to this? I'm quite interested in this :) Also, any hints or clues about other books in this series? :)
  18. Sketchpad

    FFG: Wildscape?!

    I just saw this on the EN World page ... anyone have any more info on it? I heard it's a L&L book ...
  19. Sketchpad


    Hola, I was looking for more info on the d20 Redline game. Anyone know how much it's going to run?