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  1. thexar

    5E Mists of Akuma, about the Mists

    I'm reading through the book, and I don't understand when and where the mists come. Is it a daily occurrence? Is the whole continent covered at once, a prefecture at a time, or just small clouds? How is the daily life of a peasant in a small mountain village affected? Or a middle-class...
  2. thexar

    5E Moving diagonally between enemies on a grid

    Do other people have an issue with this? This was initiated by a player. Two PCs were diagonally adjacent, and an enemy moved up and tried to pass between them. The player declared the creature couldn't pass them diagonally. I didn't mind the the idea (and didn't want to look it up), so I let is...
  3. thexar

    Werewolf and WoD

    I have never been able to figure out how to run a WoD game. We tried Hunter. Once. Not knowing what werewolves were like, I flipped through the antagonists section, and threw one down on a party of 5 PCs. I think it was a TPK in 3 turns. While I was staring at the book trying to figure out...
  4. thexar

    The D100 is Broken

    The d100 is forever off by one. This is a problem that programmers deal with constantly, but we seem to try to ignore it when we roll dice. Plus, the zero is usually a zero, but 1% of the time it’s a 10, sort of. So let’s say we have a 60% chance to succeed. If I roll a 60, then I hit, but...
  5. thexar

    Character Builder WTFs per minute

    Who wrote this thing? It's abysmal. I've only used it as much as I had to, and my WTFs per minute are between 3 and 7. My printed character (7th level) is 7 pages. SEVEN PAGES!? Aren't we trying to save a tree here boys? As a Wizard, I get to pick 2 level 1 daily spells, but I can only...