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  1. neobolts

    Despicable Me's Minions are now officially 5e

    Raise your outrage flags on high, friends! If you thought a Magic: The Gathering setting was the end of the world, prepare to be Feebleminded by the presence of a Minions stat block in Dragon+ issue 21. That's right, the babbling yellow blob-humanoids from "Despicable Me", "Despicable Me 2"...
  2. neobolts

    5E Who is Matthew Colville?

    I'm out of the loop, it seems. My feed is blowing up that legendary D&D designer Matt Colville has a D&D Kickstarter. I'm not really into the D&D streamers. Would I know him outside of that?
  3. neobolts

    O.L.D. Shipping Schedule

    It looks like most of the O.L.D. hardcover copies shipped April 9th have arrived. It is shipping in waves, or should I start worrying if I'm in the U.S. and haven't gotten mine yet?:confused: (Edit: rolled a 1 to name correct book)
  4. neobolts

    Extrapolated 5e Starting Equipment Chart for Higher Levels

    I was unsatisfied with the 3 broad categories for gear for starting above 1st level. So I expanded it into a detailed 2-20 chart for both standard and high magic campaigns. YMMV on how you would have done the in-between levels. 5e Extrapolated Standard Starting Equipment LEVEL gp* unc rare...
  5. neobolts

    What's the best (non-Star Wars) sci-fi system/setting for fans of D&D 5e?

    - Prefer sci-fi to sci-fantasy. - Prefer a system low on micromanagement and constantly consulting charts. The only sci-fi setting I have played extensively was 1992's Traveller: The New Era. Thanks in advance for any advice!
  6. neobolts

    5E Farts (serious question)

    First off, if you are one of my players, stop reading. I'm working on a fairly lowbrow session to offset the recent have tone of my campaign. In brief, a minstrel show is being ruined by mysterious terrible flatulence (in fact seeping through a planar rift).S*** demons are nothing new to...
  7. neobolts

    5E Thoughts on Mearls' Comments on Fighter Subclasses Lacking Identity

    I thought they did a pretty good job with the subclass names and identities. The concepts are pretty simple. Champions are focused on self improvement and raw ability (recalling the simple mechanics of the earliest editions). The name is fairly generic, but if the goal is to rename...
  8. neobolts

    Sword Coast Legends DM Tools - Twitch Event Recap

    Sword Coast Legends Community Manager Ash Sevilla and Design Director Tim Schwalk did a did a video chat with Q&A on the DM tools today. You can find it here: http://www.twitch.tv/swordcoastlegends/v/6852516 And yes, each map's framework is randomly generated based on the parameters you set...
  9. neobolts

    The hype is real! Cities Skylines is the most solid city builder since SimCity 4.

    Cities Skylines on Steam is amazing. I had seen all the glowing reviews and finally gave it and got it last week. It is being hyped as a SimCity killer and it totally is. (Not a high bar after SimCity 2013, nuff said!) I could even see using it to create a city map for use in a modern campaign...
  10. neobolts

    5E D&D Multiverse as setting - do you do it?

    D&D Multiverse as setting - do you do it? 1) What I'm getting at is: Do you or your group usually treat your D&D campaigns as existing within one giant shared universe? 2) If so, do you use the classic Spelljammer/Planescape approach? I.e., your Toril, Athas, Krynn, homebrew worlds, etc. all...
  11. neobolts

    Any April Fools Action out there from the game publishers?

    D&D announces "Meepo's Revenge"? Dragon Age RPG announces dating sim expansion? Pathfinder Announces "Kingmaker: Elvis Edition"? Anything? :D
  12. neobolts

    5E When do you think they will announce the next book?

    Princes of the Apocalypse is out at early access FLGS. I picked it up over the weekend but haven't spent any time with it yet, but am excited by the positive things I've been hearing. They've got a nostalgia trend going, with Tyranny of Dragons being a follow up to Scales of War, and Prince of...
  13. neobolts

    5E My Journey to 5th Edition

    Not the first or last to do a thread like this, and while I have edition preferences, I don't consider myself any sort of "edition warrior". The "7 years" thread inspired me to share. 2e I started here. Wacky, unbalanced wish fufillment campaigns. Awe inspiring settings. A total sense of wonder...
  14. neobolts

    5E Druids + necromancy: Help me make it make sense!

    Want to run villains that combine twisted druidic tradition (a cruel predator-or-prey view of the world) with necromancy (as the Paladin PC has crafted a "hunter of evil necromancers" background). Not all of the druids in the circle would be necromancers, but a cool necromancer druid in the...
  15. neobolts

    5E Concentration: Addressing Player Concerns

    Concentration - one of the oddest mechanics in 5e, and one that some of my players are not happy with. Buff stacking in previous editions was a real issue, but has the pendulum swung too far the other way? There's a perception that concentration spells often aren't worth taking. a) They have...
  16. neobolts

    5E Running the classics in 5e - best of the best?

    What are the best previous edition modules available for running in 5e with minimal work? I'm interested in not just big modules like Rise of the Runelords and Red Hand of Doom, but some of the shorter ones as well. Bonus points if it is available via a PDF store.
  17. neobolts

    5E How many 5e core books does your gaming group have?

    Popping up in another thread (here) was a conversation about how many 5e books per group. Thought it deserved it's own thread. In our group of 6 players, we have 3 Player's Handbooks, 2 DMGs, and 2 Monster Manuals...out of 6 players. Secondary products: 1 Starter Set, and 1 each of Tyranny of...
  18. neobolts

    How do you say "EN5IDER?"

    I say Ee-En-World (since they were initials), so I've been saying Ee-En-Sider. But I could also say Insider, like the the actual word. I do say Ennies as Innies, after all. Or, I could try to actually say the the "five" in the word, like Ee-En-Five-Eye-Durr. I know it really doesn't matter...
  19. neobolts

    Healer's Lore and Regen effects

    Does the Healer's Lore bonus to effects with the healing keyword apply to regen effects with the healing keyword as well, such as CD: Melora's Tide? A lot of it comes down to the definition of "when you grant healing" in Healer's Lore, does granting regen count as granting healing? Level 1...
  20. neobolts

    Monster Manual: What's missing which has impacted you?

    Monster Manual: variations within monsters is great for building encounters, but it feels like a few staple monsters are missing now. To preface: I'm on board with 4e. I think the streamlined combat leaves more room for world-building and storytelling during sessions. But the MM cuts are...