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  1. Grimstaff

    5E Battle Masters

    For anyone playing the Battle Master archetype - how's it going? Does the extra die of damage along with the maneuvers make a big difference, or is it much the same as a Champion?
  2. Grimstaff

    5E 5E inspired by B/X?

    Looks very possible based on some recent Facebook posts from Mike Mearls. More detail on my blog here: http://beyondtheblackgate.blogspot.com/2015/04/the-old-school-roots-of-d-5e.html?m= Thoughts?
  3. Grimstaff

    5E 10% off 5E PHB on .pdf

    Seems like a pretty good deal. http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/245541/DnD-PDFlibrary-PlayersHandbook-5e
  4. Grimstaff

    5E Tell me about your Homebrew 5E campaign setting

    I'm curious if anyone has developed their own Homebrew campaign settings, and how (if at all) the design of 5E influenced that setting. For instance, in the Homebrew setting I'm tinkering with, I developed the settings pantheon based on 5E's 8 cleric domains, and a cabal of Great Old One...
  5. Grimstaff

    5E Improved Find Familiar

    So I'd like the more advanced familiars (the ones Warlocks can get) to be available to Wizards (especially Conjurers). Do you think making this a 3rd level or 5th level spell would be appropriate? Any balance issues I'm missing?
  6. Grimstaff

    5E 5E Novels?

    Anyone know if WotC has any post 5E novels out / coming out? Previous edition releases had a few that were enjoyable, in a pulpy sort of way.
  7. Grimstaff

    5E Human-only campaign setting?

    Can anyone recommend a good human-only fantasy campaign setting? I sometimes grow tired of the pseudo-Tolkienish default settings of D&D, and wouldn't mind exploring 5e in a more Sword & Sorcery, Hyborean-type setting.
  8. Grimstaff

    5E Great Weapon Master

    I'm thinking of house ruling this to include all strength based melee weapons. Mainly because there just aren't any feats for your regular Longsword-wielding guy. Does this house rule have any immediately noticeable problems / issues?
  9. Grimstaff

    5E Multi-Archetyping?

    Obviously multi-classing is in the PHB, but have any sources broached the subject of "multi-archetyping". Like, Arcane Trckster / Assassin, or Champion / Eldritch Knight?
  10. Grimstaff

    5E What options from the DMG are you using?

    I'm using three so far in my RotRL campaign: The Carousing table - for some reason, the players find it hilarious when one of them wakes up in a random place with no memory of how they got there and 50gp missing. Go figure. The Lingering Wounds table - the book recommends rolling on this at 0...
  11. Grimstaff

    5E XP for gold = a game breaker?

    Adventurers gaining xp solely from killing monsters (not counting the occasional "story" or quest xp) irks me. Do you think an additional 1xp for every 10gp of loot acquired would seriously unbalance 5E's rate of advancement?
  12. Grimstaff

    5E Clarification: Spell use feats

    Looking for some clarification on spell use feats, like the one that gives you 1st level wizard spells and can cantrips, for example. 1- what level do your spells operate at? For instance would a 5th level fighter with the feat do 5th level damage? 2- can characters with the feat use stuff...
  13. Grimstaff

    5E Anyone played any high level 5E?

    Like the title says - anyone play any high-level 5E yet? Like 9th level or higher? I'm really curious about the characters' power level in play, how long combats last, how the ability check system holds up, etc.
  14. Grimstaff

    Buffalo, NY: Pathfinder Players Needed

    Hi all, Biweekly (Sunday evenings) Pathfinder group in Buffalo, NY is seeking a couple of new players in it for the long haul. Email me if interested: Grim213 at aol.com ~al
  15. Grimstaff

    Buffalo, NY Old School

    If you're in the Buffalo, NY area and interested in joining an existing bi-weekly old school campaign, drop me an email at grim213 at aol.com for more info. :)
  16. Grimstaff

    Congrats Frog God / Mythmere

    Congrats to Bill, Matt, and team on the print release of the Swords & Wizardry Complete book! Apparently orders were coming in so fast and furious the "purchase" function on the website got broken. A near sell-out in one morning. :D Linky
  17. Grimstaff

    Gamers in the Workforce

    So whaddaya do? I'm curious if there are careers that gamers are more common in...
  18. Grimstaff

    DDI Online Gametable - Reality or Myth?

    It's been so long since I've heard anything about the "forthcoming" DDI Online Gametable... is this even in the works anymore? Or has it been abandoned altogether? There were some demos back when, at GenCon '08, but since then...nothing? I for one was looking forward to this, and was sorely...
  19. Grimstaff

    Hypnotism in combat?

    Quick question, the 1st level spell Hypnotism states it can be used to fascinate creatures in combat (though with an easier save against it) yet the condition "fascinated" states that combat breaks fascination. Do you adhere to the spell's description, or the condition's description?
  20. Grimstaff

    Forked Thread: Changeover Poll

    Forked from: Changeover Poll Just fine tuning this - Its probably better you don't post your reasons why you switched or not so this doesn't devolve into edition wars...:) I was curious how this poll would look if it was a specifically 4E from 3.5 reference, omitting 1E, 2E, C&C, etc.