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  1. Obryn

    Representation in Freeport and How Far We've Come

    This has minor spoilers (mostly descriptions) for an adventure so old it'd be entering college this year. So after wrapping up our delightful 4e Zeitgeist campaign at Level 30, we were all in for something more down to earth and slightly different. I'm running the recently-released Shadow of...
  2. Obryn

    ZEITGEIST That's a wrap! Finished our Zeitgeist 4e campaign last night!

    It's like finishing up a great book series - bittersweet. I don't know if any of us were ready to say goodbye to the Zeitgeist campaign, but after finishing Adventure 13 last night, we brought it to a close. I'm planning a sequel campaign in the future, but I want to let the sheer greatness of...
  3. Obryn

    Getting close to the end... Thank you folks.

    We are on the final legs of Zeitgeist (4e) and man oh man, am I going to miss this adventure path. You folks did such an amazing job, top to bottom, that it will be really hard to top this whole experience. It is far beyond anything that I could have put together on my own, but believe me, I...
  4. Obryn

    Any way to remove users from my block list?

    I believe I have people there, but I also believe in letting bygones be bygones, so I would like to remove any, if so. I can only see options to add people, however, when I click Edit Block List.
  5. Obryn

    ZG 12/13 Motivation Issue (major spoilers of course)

    Okay so we just got to the big shake-up climax helix bit partway into adventure 12 where we start adventure 13 right in the middle of it. And my players were pretty confused - and me along with them. Maybe I missed something, but if the party is pretty convinced that their expedition to the...
  6. Obryn

    Question on Adventure 12 (Spoilers, ofc)

    When the PCs are hopping around the Gyre, what planar physics apply? For example, can they still Fourmyle Jaunt? Will Ostea still stabilize them if dropped below 0 HP? Is there still a block on Radiant powers? :) We're just wrapping up Adventure 11 (4e version) and I'm trying to get my prep...
  7. Obryn

    Map of Alais Primos?

    Hey folks! Has anyone come up with a map for Alais Primos? We're in Adventure 11 and even a rough sketch would help. :)
  8. Obryn

    ZEITGEIST Zeitgeist epic destinies?

    Has anyone put together a list of particularly "Zeitgeist-y" epic destinies for 4e? The paragon paths are all so flavorful and wonderfully designed, I'd like to at least reskin existing ones.
  9. Obryn

    Cantabarilla Challenge (adventure 6)

    Hey, all! Can anyone who's run it give me some insight on how the Cantabarilla Challenge works out? It seems to me the whole thing would stall out the first time you need to build a bridge... There'd be no money left, unless I'm missing something. Or do bridges only cost 1 materiel? Or is it...
  10. Obryn

    Map for Part 4 of Cauldron Born? [Spoilers, of course]

    Hey, all! We're right about at the end of Adventure 5, and I'm wondering if anyone came up with a naval map (complete with zones) for the finale? Even just ideas would be fine. Most of our naval battles to-date haven't been very mobile on account of the PCs' checks far exceeding their...
  11. Obryn

    5E Spells in Stat Blocks are Terrible

    So I got my Starter Kit in the mail today, and after a quick review, flipped to the monsters. I noticed that out of 15-20 adversaries, 3 had lists of spells. Two were "NPCs" and the third was a monster - a Flameskull. Now, I'm going to try and focus on gameplay stuff, not the weird navel-gazing...
  12. Obryn

    Ziggurat of Apet Questions (spoilers)

    Hey, folks, especially RangerWickett! So... How's the solution to the rainbow room work? It looks unsolvable to me - like the orange and green side bridges over the northern gaps should be swapped. (e: or, better, the orange and green stones.) As it stands, you can get to the green stone...
  13. Obryn

    5E Overchanneling and Cantrips

    So a poster on another board noticed that it seems like there's never a downside for Overchanneling a cantrip. Cantrips are expressly noted as 0-level spells on p78. How much damage do you take after the first overchannel? The second? The third? (And if your first response is, "0, 1d12...
  14. Obryn

    5E So why's the spell's saving throw and target in the text block?

    http://www.enworld.org/newsimages/command.jpg Pretty much what it says in the subject. I'm really confused as to why there's no Save line and no line about targets. Like for this one... Target: One living, intelligent creature (you can mention "language" stuff below to keep this brief) Save...
  15. Obryn

    5E XP and You

    I'm perplexed right now, because I'm not sure I've ever run a game long term where I've used the XP system as is. I'm now wondering if I'm alone in this. :) Edit: if you have used multiple, go with what you're doing now. If you're doing multiple ones now, I guess "other". Oops!
  16. Obryn

    4E So all these wacky arguments are still about 4e, right?

    First off - I seriously hope this doesn't descend into yet another DoaM thread. it has the words "Damage on a Miss" in it, though, so I know I'm playing with fire here. :erm: Let's take a look at all the major ... kerfluffles? ... yeah, let's call them kerfluffles we've had about Next since...
  17. Obryn

    RNS Coaltongue Map Questions

    Hey, RangerWickett, I am confused by the Coaltongue map. I have no idea what A, B, C, and D (and the things that look like them) are supposed to be. :o
  18. Obryn

    5E Game Design and Pizza Analogies

    Alright, so let's talk about D&D Next and design for a minute. For starters, though, just to be clear, at this point I don't have much of a horse in this race. Even though I was pretty enthusiastic about the August packet, my group didn't much enjoy it during our pretty lengthy playtest...
  19. Obryn

    5E Status Check: Still playtesting?

    Some quick definitions... "Regularly playing" means that you're running Next quite a lot these days, possibly weekly, and it may be your main campaign by now. "Still playtesting" means that you're running at least one session every time there's a new packet. "Following" means you're not...
  20. Obryn

    5E Will there be such a game as D&D Next?

    Alright, bear with me here for a sec. Most every group has houserules. This is a big tradition going back to the earliest days. Nevertheless, there's usually some commonality - if I'm playing 3e or PF or 4e or AD&D, I know about what I can expect, with some variation between tables. It seems...