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  1. robus

    General 8 kinds of fun & session zero

    I was just rereading this and it reminded me of the 8 kinds of fun and I wondered if anyone here has surveyed their players during session 0 to see what things the players find fun? I was thinking a survey might be a way to discover if the group might have a predilection for a certain kind of...
  2. robus

    5E Is the map in the Theros book good?

    I finished up setting the last quest of my long running campaign in my version of Theros, so I’m naturally intrigued by the new Setting book. But I would like there to be an evocative map to go with it. Does the book include such a thing? If it does, is it possible to get it as a PDF for printing?
  3. robus

    General Campaign character focus tracking

    The next campaign I run I want to do a better job of weaving together character arcs with the greater campaign arc. Part of that, I think, is being able to visualize the threads in some way other than walis of text and the idea of some kind of line graph plot came to mind with perhaps call outs...
  4. robus

    5E Melee combat on the run

    I imagine this has been discussed before, so apologies in advance. I had an interesting situation come up tonight which surprisingly hasn’t happened before in my game. A combat had been going on for a while and eventually the monster decided to make a break for it. It ran off, provoking...
  5. robus

    General Not enjoying the urban adventure I'm running

    I was worried about this before it started and it's actually worse than I feared. My worry was that, with an entire town of NPCs to pester, the PCs would be constantly talking to anyone and everyone making planning for an upcoming session quite hard. The worse part is that they (reasonably) keep...
  6. robus

    WIKI Enhancing "Dragon of Icespire Peak"

  7. robus

    WIKI This is a test

  8. robus


    Not actually a wiki
  9. robus

    5E Ways to tackle etherealness

    So my players are pretty high level and etherealness is an excellent way for them to glide through trouble. They’re going to be riding on a carpeting the next session and will encounter a massive dust storm (like they get in deserts, see Mad Max: Fury Road) and I would like this to be an...
  10. robus

    Ultimate Dungeon Terrain

    Just finished this crafting project in time for my next session. It took some time (and I made a few mistakes along the way) but pretty pleased with how it turned out. It’s two sided so it can either be a traditional grid or zoned combat. It sits on a lazy susan so that players can rotate it to...
  11. robus

    5E Limitations on Plane Shift?

    So my players are in search of a lost temple (the name of which they have) on another plane. The cleric wanted to plane shift right to the temple despite never having been there (and it's location has been deliberately forgotten because it contains a terrible secret). To my mind that was pushing...
  12. robus

    5E In need of a particular magic item...

    My players are going to be given a quest to find a one-of-a-kind magic item that’s kind of like sensory deprivation tank but that basically separates a creature from time and space. It needs to have room for a couple of people at least. I’ve looked through the DMG and another magic item book I...
  13. robus

    5E Simplified Character Sheet

    robus submitted a new resource: Simplified Character Sheet - Simplified character sheet with blank boxes for skills and saves Read more about this resource...
  14. robus

    General Populating a dungeon

    So now that I’ve ventured into the interesting times of creating my own adventure, I’m now grappling with the fine art of dungeon population. Dyson Logos maps are saving me a ton of time when coming up with an interesting layout, but there’s still the task of figuring out what goes where. So I...
  15. robus

    General School of magic related puzzles

    I've got this new plot trajectory which revolves around a missing wizard. The PCs have made it to his tower and what they'll find is the tower is in "defense" mode. To gain access to the real tower they will have to prove their magical adeptness by solving puzzles in each of the 8 schools of...
  16. robus

    Not finding the headline font super legible.

    Perhaps it's just me - but this font/color choice is giving me a bit of a headache:
  17. robus

    An utterly mad, or entirely brilliant idea...

    I have this idea for a campaign that's a mash up of Ready Player One and Tales of the Yawning Portal. Basically the idea is that the players are a team competing in a virtual reality tournament celebrating 100 years of D&D by playing through classic adventures from the past (ending with the Tomb...
  18. robus

    5E How do you keep track of spells for multiple NPCs?

    I'm running a game at a high level and in the next session there's a chance that a variety of mid-to-high level drow casters might be running around each with a different set of spell combinations. I find this to be a challenge on two fronts: 1) Simply remembering what each spell does and its...
  19. robus

    5E Attacking defenseless NPCs

    To avoid more threadcrapping in Sacrosanct’s genre thread I thought I’d survey responses to this simple situation: The PCs have come across an Orc camp about 200ft away. They’re looking down from a hidden location and a bored guard in the rangers sights. The ranger wants to kill the guard so...
  20. robus

    Would campaign skeletons address the lack of adventures for minor settings?

    CapnZapp raised an interesting point in the Expanse thread on the lack of adventures for settings once the rulebook is published. Now we all know writing a comprehensive adventure path/campaign is hard (and frequently fails to please everyone all of the time). But is there an opportunity for...