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  1. Ramaster

    PF1E Updated ("Complete") Reincarnate Table

    Hey! I wanted to let you know that the PF srd has updated the page for Reincarnate using a suggestion I sent. I made an expanded reincarnate table that takes into consideration all 1st party races (I might be missing a few, since I made the table about a year ago). If you want, take a peek...
  2. Ramaster

    PF1E Armor choices for Arcane Archers (RotRL)

    Hi! I'm playing an elven archer going Arcane Archer (Weapon Master 4, currently. My DEX score is 19) on Rise of the Runelords. We have just completed the fist level of the Thisseltop dungeon (getting that 4th level) and we are ready to make our way into the deep below. Currently, I'm using...
  3. Ramaster

    [Playtest 2] Flanking, Combat Advantage and Melee Rogues

    The 3rd edition days were strange indeed. Codzillas, Batman Wizards, Shocktroopers and a certain kobold that could obliterate entire planes at lvl 1. BUT, if there was something that I really dig about 3e, was dualer rogues. Dualer rogues got to apply their sneak attack damage on each hit. What...
  4. Ramaster

    I'm going to NYC!

    Ok, so I'm going to have the chance, This september, to go to the Big Apple, New York City! In my country (Argentina), there are very little comic book shops and specialist gaming stores, so I am super exited. My request to you is, of course, to ask if you could recomend some of these places...
  5. Ramaster

    Is a fun “War Campaign” possible? Find out here!

    Is a fun “War Campaign” possible? Find out here! Hello! I may be running a War Campaign in the upcoming months and I am going to use a method for resolving the conflict similar to Mass Effect 3. For those who weren't lucky enough to play this great game, basically you accumulate "War Assets"...
  6. Ramaster

    A Xenomorph for your toughts

    Hey everyone! I'm trying to stat a Xenomorph (From the Alien Movies) for an upcoming encounter and I've come across some challenges. First of all... would you say they are Medium or Large? Second, as movie monsters, they are REALLY stealthy... should a +8 racial be enough (Plus max ranks...
  7. Ramaster

    Advanced Race Guide... when?

    On Paizo's site the release date is July 2012, but on their product catalog it says April (so does Amazon.com)... So... what's the release date? What can we expect from it? I read the playtest, and that was cool, does anyone else have other info on the book? Thanks a lot!
  8. Ramaster

    Dynamic Challenge Ratings

    How about this. 4 Pcs are pitted off against a Glass Golem. The golem is a CR 5 Creature. It has a strong melee attack, a bit more HP than regular monsters of its level and poor saves. BUT (That's a big but) it’s key defining features are that it is immune to magic, has DR 5/adamantite or...
  9. Ramaster

    Dispel magic - Permanency

    Hello! I was wondering how dispel magic interacts with a spell made permanent by Permanency. The case in question is a caster who wants to place Enlarge Person on himself and then make it permanent. The wording on the SRD seems vague about this. What happens if he gets targeted with Dispel...
  10. Ramaster

    Proper Nouns on Spell Names

    Basically this, should we have proper nouns on spell name's? Like, Melf's Acid Arrow, Otiluke's Resilient Sphere, etc... In my opinion yes, sparringly. They are quite flavourful, easy to remove (Acid arrow; Resilient Sphere) and add a lot to the story of the setting.
  11. Ramaster

    New Spell - Franz Brauburger's Ultimate Deception

    Franz Brauburger's Ultimate Deception School illusion (figment, glamer); Level alchemist 7,sorcerer/wizard 7, bard 6 Casting Time 1 standard action Components S Range close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels) Target/Effect you/one invisible illusory double Duration 1 round/level (D) and concentration +...
  12. Ramaster

    New Spell - Enchantment Transfer

    Hi everyone! Longtime lurker firstime poster! (as they say) Anyway, I came up with this new spell for the Pathfinder game I'm running and I wanted some feedback on it. Enchantment Transfer School transmutation; Level Sorcerer/Wizard 3 CASTING Casting Time 10 Minutes Components V, S, M...