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    Level Up Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition Is Coming!

    Will this be modular? Like take standard 5E but add in advanced character development options? Or will it be an all-or-none sort of thing?
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    OOTS 1208: Grievances

    Yet I suspect this has been a long time in the planning.
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    5E Rime of the Frostmaiden Previews Include a Scroll of Tarrasque Summoning

    I don't know, that sounds like it could be fun. High level wizards, chucking tarrasques back and forth. Or maybe there's just one, and you have to vie for control of it, trying to turn it against your opponent. Admittedly, it's just a fantasy version of OGRE, but still ... Anyway, the magic...
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    5E Icewind Dale Dice

    I needs them, precious.
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    5E Is Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden the New D&D Adventure?

    Awesome! Hoping it is accompanied by a setting book. The two Icewind Dale CRPGs are two of my favorites.
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    The Plastic Ancestry of the Bulette

    Poor name. There are no jokes that begin "'Knock, knock' 'Who's there?' "Bulette'" .... Just sayin'.
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    5E Epic Monsters: Onocentaur (Poll)

    I think the mechanics don't do enough to emphasize the onocentaur's already impressive pectorals.
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    Upcoming Age of Sigmar: Soulbound Releases

    Dr Who suddenly makes so much more sense!
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    Other/new fantasy rpg settings

    Midkemia, by Midkemia Press, if they're still extant. Lankhmar, though that was D&D last I saw. I'd love to see Prydain, or Narnia, or the Amber Chronicles settings.
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    5E Meet Fenrir: The Wolf Who Ate Odin!

    Who's a good boy? Fenrir's a good boy!
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    Disney rumour: a new Live Action “Black Cauldron”

    Great series to adapt to live action -- though probably better as a TV/streaming series. Speaking of series to adapt ... Lankhmar! Would love to see Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser on screen.
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    General Day Jobs For Adventurers

    If she lives, that is. If we play realistic economics dungeons need to be brutally lethal.
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    General Day Jobs For Adventurers

    Waits tables by day. At night, she raids tombs!
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    Star Wars: Top Gun

    X-wing meets Top Gun meets Black Sheep Squadron = win! Do it Disney! You know you need to!
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    5E Happy Easter! Meet The Easter Bunny!

    Does his vorpal blade go snicker-snack? For whatever reason, I feel like the Easter bunny ("E-bun") should have a vorpal blade that goes snicker-snack.
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    Unusual Sandwiches

    I'll have to look for that. It's really the bread that's the issue. Rolls are normally in six or eight packs, and I just don't consume them that fast, though I suppose I could substitute a flatbread (which I to tend to have around and use at a reasonable rate). Peppers & onions don't freeze that...
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    Unusual Sandwiches

    You're killing me. With everything shut down, I haven't gotten to a diner in two months. I'm really jonesing for a great Philly cheesesteak sandwich at the moment, but as a geobachelor locked down far from home, it doesn't really pay to get all the ingredients to make my own as I won't use them...
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    The Logic of Panic Buying

    Repetition and trauma are two primary modes of learning. This achieves both.
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    Help a Gamer Out: Streaming Recommendations for Self Isolation

    Just finished Tales from the Loop (Amazon). Good soft sci-fi, a little odd, somewhat slowly paced, but well put together and thoughtful
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    Batman's Martial Arts

    That's an epic-level skill, there.