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    Intro D&D Adventure for a mixed group

    hello all so next weekend I have been asked to run an adventure for a group of friends, 2 of which are new to RPG world and 2 which have played * Lost Mines of Phandelver * Tyranny of Dragons - HotDQ and RoT * Curse of Strahd * Princes of the Apocalypse so my question is what would be a good...
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    5E Curse of Strahd - Finale Help - Spoilers

    Greetings all so after many months of great adventuring we arrive at the finale. I have started piecing it all together but I need some help with finishing it off. The 5 PCs ( Sorcerer, Cleric, Fighter, Warlock and Rogue ) are about to head into the Crypt area and then ultimately Strahd's...
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    5E Help with a were-creature bitten PC

    Hello all Another day another Curse of Strahd question. So one of the characters was bitten in the werewolf den by a werebear ( I popped a couple in to make sure the encounter wasn’t too much of a breeze for level 8 folks ). Anyway, I now have a conundrum around how to play this. Next...
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    5E Paladin oath breaker question?

    Hello all So we have started a new adventure path and one of my players has asked to use the non standard Paladin Oath Breaker class https://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/Oathbreaker_(5e_Class) This takes the original class and twists it slightly. It does work with his character concept...
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    5E Curse of Strahd - Werewolf Den - possible spoilers

    Greetings everyone so my CoS campaign rumbles on and after s great time in Krezk the players are planning on heading back via the Werewolf den. Reading the chapter as written and the fact that they are now level 8, I feel that I need to spice up this encounter. Apart from maybe...
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    5E CUrse of Strahd - Vallaki help

    Hello all if you are playing Curse of Strahd please look away now Ok so a question The pcs are embroiled in various Vallaki plots, and I used the plot set piece of when they meet Rictavio in the inn guards turn up asking for the PCs to hand him over. We then had a scene at stockyard...
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    5E How to deal with a Warlock gaining Detect Magic as a cantrip

    hello all time for some help and advice… I have a PC who is a warlock character who has the Detect Magic spell as a cantrip. He enables this at all times, making it quite difficult for me to have any surprises for the PCs. Any magical traps are seen as are any hidden weapons. How...
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    5E Curse of Strahd - Enemy of Strahd - SPOILERS

    hi all so after running the Madam Eva reading the enemy of Strahd is Rictavio. Which is ok for me, but I am not sure how best to deal with this in Vallaki. One thought is after revealing there is a fight with Izek?? and Rictavio can then say he needs to collect his stuff and ask the PCs to...
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    5E D&D Website down? http://thecampaign20xx.blogspot.com/

    hi there not sure how many of you have read Sean's website ( Power Score ) ? he has covered most of the major plot lines with great detail, I popped on tonight and found that it no longer exists, does anyone know if he will be back?
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    5E Encounters for Level 11+ Characters

    I have to put together some travel encounters for my group, they have just levelled up to 11 and are about to travel through amountain region. Most of the things I have found are for lower level characters, so with that in mind does anyone have any good ideas for encounters that are...
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    5E The Rise of Tiamat - End Game - Spoiler

    hi all as I move into the last few chapters ( Thay and Tower ), I am conscious that I need to plan the finale. I know that what is published is very poor in my opinion... What I have so far is The Allies fight the cult in the lands surrounding the Well of Dragons, this is narrative and...
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    5E Rise of Tiamat - Misty Forest - Help Needed - Spoilers within

    Evening all right currently in chapter 4 the green dragon mask in the Misty Forest The PCs successfully realised that Galin had betrayed the elves, albeit for initially a good reason. I added a stone circle where he went to speak to the dragon and Nevorain. The PCs had a scene where they...
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    5E Rise of Tiamat - White Dragon - spoilers

    Hi again. Last session the party of adventurers dealt with the white dragon, I had it give out a loud roar and once it departed into the sea ( dead ) I then had the iceberg start to splinter and crack. This was mainly to add some danger into the players victory. Now when we restart I was...
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    5E Another Rise of Tiamat Question - Metallic Dragons Arise

    first of all Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays started the planning for the next part of our epic Tyranny of Dragons quest... so with that in mind my attention turns to the next chapters I feel needs some TLC "Episode 6 - Metallic Dragons Arise", with all of the combat my PCs have been through...
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    5E Rise of Tiamat - sprucing up the Council sessions

    Good greetings Erm there maybe spoilers so please look away if playing we are now part way through RoT, and although the first council session went well and those playing enjoyed it. I am wondering what others have done to make the next few more interesting. As the book guidelines aren't...
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    5E Rise of Tiamat assistance required - Spoilers

    So the Rise of Tiamat (RoT) adventure is under way now if you are playing I would suggest that you stop reading now… . . . right, I am looking at giving the players the opportunity to actually stop the RoT, as I know the book wishes a huge final fight. I wanted to add the possible excitement...
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    5E What to spend your loot on?

    Greetings one and all We are almost at the end of Hoard of the Dragon Queen, the players have amassed a large amount of loot. The PHB has some good equipment tables, but does anyone have a good price guide for other stuff? As I feel when they get back to a city they will want to spend, spend...
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    5E how to run long distance travelling without it sucking

    greetings, long time reader first time poster Looking for some advice, when running long distance travel how do folks balance the travel with encounters?