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    Looking for a good system to use for my world

    One more question, as far as adding options in the future. I'm guessing that Fantasy AGE has a big focus on magic in the world, do the two work together easily, or would it take considerable modding to plug fantasy stuff into Modern AGE? I intend to have a fair bit of variety in spells that can...
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    Looking for a good system to use for my world

    I'm interested in this one. How hard do you think it would be to do a bit of modding to make fit my world? It seems like it is in a similar vein to D&D with the leveling system, while many characters won't so much level up as they will improve horizontally. This sounds pretty interesting. The...
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    Looking for a good system to use for my world

    So, I have been worldbuilding for a while on a world without a name, and would like to try and find a system that reflects it better than the one system I currently know (D&D 5E). I thought I'd come on over here and make my first post in forever to see what systems you all think would be able to...
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    When did you bait & switch and how did it go? (Spoilers)

    Not sure if it counts as a bait and switch, but when playing a 1-on-1 game with my girlfriend she went into a thick forest. We rolled for a few random encounters, one of which led her to a portal that went into the Fey Wild. She had no idea what it was, and went in. This was the beginning of a...
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    I'm making an rpg

    I haven't had a chance to look into it yet, but it is at the top of my list for other RPGs to look into for research. Which things specifically make you think of it?
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    I'm making an rpg

    I put a post explaining the current direction I'm working in, just above this one, that kind of fills in what I'm working with. The basic idea is that there will be stages of perks, from general being accessible by different classes, to class perks being for specific classes, but still having...
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    I'm making an rpg

    Here's a summary of the mechanics I will be focusing on as my foundation. Perks The classes will come in three varieties, with 2 subcategories in each. The main categories will be Magical, Martial, and Kinetic(working name, actual name tbd). Each class type will come in long and close range...
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    I'm making an rpg

    I don't know? I haven't done enough research to know. To clarify, I plan for my class system to be based on a perk point system. When you gain a level, you get X perk points, and can distribute them to level up certain abilities, unlocking new attacks, spells, abilities etc. This way, I will...
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    I'm making an rpg

    These are great tips, thanks very much. I only ever thought about a "pay what you want" site, I don't know where I'd begin to get actual physical books published... As for the game and world, I think it's a unique niche. Fantasy world that had an apocalypse, and isn't rebuilt yet. So there...
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    I'm making an rpg

    In my case it would be the latter then, I intend to use d20 as the primary form of resolution. I should say that, as I'm most familiar with D&D 5E, that is my starting/comparison point. I won't be rebuilding that entire system in my own way, I just expect that it's inspiration may be obvious in...
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    I'm making an rpg

    Warning, small wall of replies I intend for the game to be published, possibly only self published on a site but ideally in a way that could actually make a form of profit off my passion. I am currently starting from a d20 system, in that the d20 will be the primary form of resolving...
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    I'm making an rpg

    Hello everyone! I was on here a long while ago quite frequently, mostly lurking and sometimes posting ideas that not many people really liked. Since I started rpgs I have been most interested in what I can do with them, how far I can push the boundaries of what the current rules allow, and what...
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    5E Pros and cons of a sandbox game, and what to do about them?

    I plan to shamelessly take advantage of this community's wisdom and knowledge, so I have some basic questions with complicated answers. I will be running a game for new players, and after some time teaching them the rules I plan to kick it off in my own world as a sandbox game. What are the...
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    5E Building a dungeon that Meta-games

    Warning: I know of at least one user on here who's head might explode if you read this. It is about Meta-gaming, so consider yourself warned. I had an idea a couple days ago, and decided to post it here now that I have my thoughts straight. Has anyone seen a Living Dungeon? It is sentient, it...
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    5E Items that scale with level, discussion

    I like the idea of giving my players unique magical items, which work only for a single character, which increase in power as they get stronger. For example, I will be playing in a Party of 2 game soon, and the DM said she didn't care what we did with our characters. Any combination of homebrew...
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    5E Warlock Homebrew changes

    More homebrew stuff, I am on a roll. Next goal, change the Warlock. Patrons will be secondary, while Pacts will be the primary subclass. I have a few ideas for this. You will still gain your Patron spells, and will get an Invocation at 1st level, and the Patron abilities at 1st level will be...
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    5E Do you have a personal Players Handbook?

    No, not the default PHB. I mean a custom PHB with your own rules and world information. I am asking because I plan on making my own. It will have a Chapter for how my world is different from the default assumptions, contain my homebrew races/classes and the official or 3pp options I allow. The...
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    5E Ranger sublcass idea- Arcane Archer

    I just can't stop starting new threads that sidetrack me away from my previous homebrew work. Oh well. Here is the idea. Ranger gets the Arcane Archer Subclass. Gets to choose a single type of arrow at 3rd level, and eventually has 3 types by level 20. Why so few? Because each arrow comes with...
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    What happened to Signatures?

    There used to be signatures available in the settings, but I can't seem to find the option anymore. Was it changed in some way? is it hidden for some nefarious purposes?
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    5E Making 5E a short rest game

    I have had a coupe of threads focused towards changing the Long rest casters into Short rest ones using the Warlock Chassis, but just started thinking earlier (about 10 minutes ago, as I was writing a response to someone in a different thread) about a better way to change them. What if full...