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  1. tgmoore

    Embroidered OSR logo patches

    For your gaming bag or backpack, hats, dice bag, shirts, battle jacket anything really! Iron on backing. Can also be sewn on, glued on or attached with self adhesive Velcro. 100% embroidery coverage "Sword of Crom" patches are here and ready to be shipped! In the United States: You may...
  2. tgmoore

    5E Looking for Meso American Adventures

    My group just finished up this excellent 5E conversion of the AD&D 1st Ed. Classic; N1 Against the Cult of The Reptile God. You can find it here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/53719420/AgainstTheCultOfTheReptileGod5th.pdf Note this still requires an original copy of the module and is...
  3. tgmoore

    4E 4E Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan content

    This famous 1978 1st Edition module was updated and converted in 2011 and given away as a D&D Encounters DM reward for running games. It was published in digital form in Dungeon magazine #209 December 2012. Which is still available to those with D&D Insider Subscriptions. Were there maps...
  4. tgmoore

    Make your own Black pudding, Green Slime, Ochre Jelly minis for about $10

    Sir Colon Stump fights off Black Pudding, Green Slime and Ochre Jelly You Will Need Tools: Cigarette Lighter Pair of metal tongs 3x disposable "mini loaf" aluminum pans 6x Wooden Tounge depressors 1x metal cookie sheet 1x cooking oil or non-stick cooking spray "PAM" 2x sheets parchment paper...
  5. tgmoore

    5E Recommend a 4th Level Module

    After a 5 year hiatus from regular 3.5 ed play the release of 5th Edition inspired me to get off my ass and get a campaign going again. We are currently playing a 5E conversion of (dare I say classic?) N1 Against the Cult of the Reptile God. Ozuro on the D&D sub-Reddit did this conversion...
  6. tgmoore

    LFP Central Kentucky (Winchester, KY)

    Did you grow up playing Dungeons & Dragons in the '70s and '80s and want to get started again? Maybe you are a seasoned adventurer who hasn't stopped gaming since 1st Edition? Have you heard of Dungeons & Dragons but never played and always wanted to learn how to? There is no dressing up or...