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    WOIN First WOIN Session: Are the baddies too tough?

    Howdy from Texas, I just ran my first WOIN session for my D&D group, since a few people couldn't make it. We ran a WW2-themed Indiana Jones style game, and my players enjoyed the versatility and simplicity of the Attribute + Skill system. They had a harder time understanding that "Maximum Dice...
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    WOIN WOIN Supplements - Is art required?

    Howdy all, I've been prepping for a N.E.W. game that I plan to run in a few months, and I couldn't help but notice that there is a real dearth of N.E.W. careers that boost Strength, Endurance, Willpower, and Logic. Naturally, I decided to start writing my own material. I've already got about...
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    WOIN How do you hit a "Heavyweight"?

    I was reading through the "Modern Worlds" supplement, and was surprised when I read that a monster/NPC ges 4x their MDP as their "good defense", depending on the monster's style of combat. A such, an 8d6 NPC (such as the "Heavyweight" listed on page 39) gets a melee defense of 32... which is...
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    WOIN N.O.W. Question about Attack Dice Pool Spends

    Howdy again, Morrus, I sometimes worry that I annoy you with all of these questions about the N.O.W. System, but I guess I'll have to get over that :P The sidebar on page 19 says to form a dice pool when making an attack, then take out dice to determine additional damage and such. My question...
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    WOIN N.O.W. Reputation Proposal

    I felt that this was different enough to warrant its own thread related to N.O.W. The attribute of "Reputation" isn't really explored very much in the "Action Careers" book, nor is it really touched upon in the "Modern Core" book. I'd like to propose some ideas before its published in...
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    WOIN N.O.W. Questions

    Howdy, I've been reading more of the N.O.W. Materials, and I'd like to ask a few questions, specifically related to the "action careers" PDF. Page 50 – Spending Chi points – does it deplete the maximum score (as it sort of says on page 50), and therefore reduce your dice pool if you cross a...
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    WOIN WOIN Modern Excel-Based Character Sheet

    All, I'm trying to get an idea of how much interest there might be in a Modern Core WOIN character sheet. Is there anyone here that would like to use one? Are there character sheets available form another source that I'm not aware of? Thanks, -ruy343
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    5E Which homebrew/UA might you allow?

    Howdy all, I'm pretty much a perma-DM, and my group is always asking for other character options besides those in the book. Since I'm not trying to run AL-legal games in any sense, and since my players tend to be more mature than most, I see no reason why I wouldn't provide them with more...
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    Villainous Poetry

    I've got a villain (named Odrik the Mindslaver) that I want to have stand out in the minds of the players. He's a wizard (5th edition, enchanter subclass; but that's not really relevant), and his mind has been shaped by an aboleth to do its bidding (i.e. not nice things). I want this villain...