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    Intro D&D Adventure for a mixed group

    hello all so next weekend I have been asked to run an adventure for a group of friends, 2 of which are new to RPG world and 2 which have played * Lost Mines of Phandelver * Tyranny of Dragons - HotDQ and RoT * Curse of Strahd * Princes of the Apocalypse so my question is what would be a good...
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    5E Curse of Strahd - Finale Help - Spoilers

    Greetings all so after many months of great adventuring we arrive at the finale. I have started piecing it all together but I need some help with finishing it off. The 5 PCs ( Sorcerer, Cleric, Fighter, Warlock and Rogue ) are about to head into the Crypt area and then ultimately Strahd's...
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    5E Enhancing "Rise of Tiamat" (Practical stuff to try at your table!)

    Like the idea of the tactical approach, I also did something similar I used a first edition map of the region ( the orange background one ) this was to simulate the map the Council had and then talked through the plans. I had seen something similar in the supplement (...
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    5E Help with a were-creature bitten PC

    Hello all Another day another Curse of Strahd question. So one of the characters was bitten in the werewolf den by a werebear ( I popped a couple in to make sure the encounter wasn’t too much of a breeze for level 8 folks ). Anyway, I now have a conundrum around how to play this. Next...
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    5E Paladin oath breaker question?

    Hello all So we have started a new adventure path and one of my players has asked to use the non standard Paladin Oath Breaker class https://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/Oathbreaker_(5e_Class) This takes the original class and twists it slightly. It does work with his character concept...
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    5E Enhancing "Curse of Strahd" (and DDAL adventures)

    Thanks for replying. That is a great idea to fill in the back story and fills the room. Thank you
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    5E Enhancing "Curse of Strahd" (and DDAL adventures)

    after a bit of a break we are heading into Argynvostholt, and the joy that a spooky mansion brings. so far my PCs are outside of the mansion and just about to go in.... I was wondering how others have played this, did you add anything extra? did you hand wave the empty rooms?
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    5E Curse of Strahd - Werewolf Den - possible spoilers

    Greetings everyone so my CoS campaign rumbles on and after s great time in Krezk the players are planning on heading back via the Werewolf den. Reading the chapter as written and the fact that they are now level 8, I feel that I need to spice up this encounter. Apart from maybe...
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    5E CUrse of Strahd - Vallaki help

    Hello all if you are playing Curse of Strahd please look away now Ok so a question The pcs are embroiled in various Vallaki plots, and I used the plot set piece of when they meet Rictavio in the inn guards turn up asking for the PCs to hand him over. We then had a scene at stockyard...
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    5E How to deal with a Warlock gaining Detect Magic as a cantrip

    hello all time for some help and advice… I have a PC who is a warlock character who has the Detect Magic spell as a cantrip. He enables this at all times, making it quite difficult for me to have any surprises for the PCs. Any magical traps are seen as are any hidden weapons. How...
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    5E Curse of Strahd - Enemy of Strahd - SPOILERS

    hi all so after running the Madam Eva reading the enemy of Strahd is Rictavio. Which is ok for me, but I am not sure how best to deal with this in Vallaki. One thought is after revealing there is a fight with Izek?? and Rictavio can then say he needs to collect his stuff and ask the PCs to...
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    2000AD Judge Dredd Iconics (pregens)

    looking good
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    5E Enhancing "Curse of Strahd" (and DDAL adventures)

    So our group is just about to leave Barovia and head to Vallaki. Thanks to posts on this thread and its associated links I have managed to get the journey planned out. My question is around Vallaki, with so much potentially to go at here, I am struggling what to fit in and what to drop. How...
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    5E RoT: Metallic Dragon Council

    hi the chapter as written was pretty sparse...I inserted a couple of bits... so I had the players asked to go to the Dragon meet as ambassadors, and for them to meet Elia at barn outside of Waterdeep. En-route I gave the Players a hand out that detailed each of the dragons this covered...
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    5E D&D Website down? http://thecampaign20xx.blogspot.com/

    hi there not sure how many of you have read Sean's website ( Power Score ) ? he has covered most of the major plot lines with great detail, I popped on tonight and found that it no longer exists, does anyone know if he will be back?
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    5E Encounters for Level 11+ Characters

    I have to put together some travel encounters for my group, they have just levelled up to 11 and are about to travel through amountain region. Most of the things I have found are for lower level characters, so with that in mind does anyone have any good ideas for encounters that are...
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    5E Enhancing "Curse of Strahd" (and DDAL adventures)

    indeed I am glad he is now looking through CoS
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    5E The Rise of Tiamat - End Game - Spoiler

    hi all as I move into the last few chapters ( Thay and Tower ), I am conscious that I need to plan the finale. I know that what is published is very poor in my opinion... What I have so far is The Allies fight the cult in the lands surrounding the Well of Dragons, this is narrative and...
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    5E Rise of Tiamat - Misty Forest - Help Needed - Spoilers within

    Evening all right currently in chapter 4 the green dragon mask in the Misty Forest The PCs successfully realised that Galin had betrayed the elves, albeit for initially a good reason. I added a stone circle where he went to speak to the dragon and Nevorain. The PCs had a scene where they...
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    5E Rise of Tiamat - White Dragon - spoilers

    Hi again. Last session the party of adventurers dealt with the white dragon, I had it give out a loud roar and once it departed into the sea ( dead ) I then had the iceberg start to splinter and crack. This was mainly to add some danger into the players victory. Now when we restart I was...