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    WOIN Question on WOIN Psionics

    Starting on page 65 there is a list of various skills and then exploits under each skill. I want to make sure I am reading this right. While you would use a skill to determine the outcome of an exploit (say Telepathy for Mind-Read) your character doesn't know how to do any of these until you...
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    A while back I read a thread that listed the various keywords and how many critters had resistances to them. I forgot to bookmark the thread and now I cannot remember where it is. Could anyone please link the thread or repost the summary here? Thanks!
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    Doomsayer (Warlock Paragon) question...

    At 11th level, the Doomsayer class obtains 2 class features. The first is Doomsayer's Action, which is a nice minion muncher, provided you were able to tag a lot of them. The second is the one I have a question on: Doomsayer Proclamation. I went through the Warlock power list. I only...
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    Dealing with Fliers in 4E?

    Flying for player characters is a lot more difficult to obtain. As such how do melee-focused PCs such as the fighter and paladin deal with fliers? I am not referring to paragon or epic level. During the heroic levels there are creatures (flameskull, spined devil) that can hover and blast at...