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  1. Mortis

    Should these be added to the Mystara to do list?

    For those of you who don't know, Bruce Heard (one of the Known World/Mystara developers and the author of the Voyage of the Princess Ark articles in Dragon) has recently returned to the online community. One of his contributions is the article Goatmen of Kavaja which includes two new creatures...
  2. Mortis

    A couple of typos

    Hi guys I've been mainly catching up with all the conversions posted this year :) I did notice a couple of typos in the Lizardfolk, Malpheggi conversion. The Malpheggi lizardfolk are always ruled by a Queen. In all other respects, geners are treated equally. = genders ? Malpheggi Lizardfolk...
  3. Mortis

    Happy Birthday Shade

    Hope you have a great day. As I think I mentioned last year all the best people have a birthday in December ;) Regards Mortis
  4. Mortis

    Treasure Tables

    Here are the basic tables from the Rules Cyclopedia for BD&D. Treasure Types Table: Treasure in Lairs Part 1: Coins (in Thousands) Type cp sp ep gp pp A 25% 1d6 30% 1d6 20% 1d4 35% 2d6 25% 1d2 B 50% 1d8 25% 1d6 25% id4 35% 1d3 Nil C 20% 1d12 30% 1d4 10% 1d4 Nil Nil D 10% 1d8...
  5. Mortis

    3E/3.5 Creature Catalog 3.5 Overhaul Project

    After looking at this one ine homebrews there was more done than I remembered. :) We can't really give the DCs for saves unless we have a sample creature for each pseudoundead. Length of pseudoghoul's paralysis 1d3 rounds? not quite as good as a real ghoul. Length of pseudoghast's stench...
  6. Mortis

    4E 4E - Classic monsters are being retconned

    10 eyestalks but only one SLA between them :p Regards Mortis
  7. Mortis

    Four new psionic monsters

    Well the title says it all, WOtC have posted four new psionic creatures. Here's the link. Regards Mortis
  8. Mortis

    OotS 474

    It's up Regards Mortis
  9. Mortis

    Monster Manual V

    I see Wizards have posted some excerpts from MMV. You see them here. Regards Mortis
  10. Mortis

    1E Where are they Now? - 1E Monster Manual II

    Well they're not offical but still... Skunk Giant Skunk Regards Mortis
  11. Mortis

    3E/3.5 Creature Catalog 3.5 Overhaul Project

    Yeah I suspected that - it was more a gentle reminder to BOZ :) Regards Mortis
  12. Mortis

    3E/3.5 Creature Catalog 3.5 Overhaul Project

    Where are we on this one? Regards Mortis
  13. Mortis

    Wereseal Conversion

    Because of formatting issues I've included the conversion as an attachment. It is based on the seal stats from Stormwrack and represents the harbor seal variant of the wereseal from PC4 Night Howlers. <edit>corrected AC[/edit> Regards Mortis
  14. Mortis

    Shade's Vacation

    Well now I know where Shade went on his vacation. :lol: Regards Mortis
  15. Mortis

    New Format - Monster Lore DCs

    According to MMIV and Eric Cagle's 'Know Your Enemy' articles the baseline DC for the lore checks is 10 + the creatures HD. However if you refer to this thread. In particular this post and this post WotC seem to use 10 + CR as the base. :\ Regards Mortis
  16. Mortis

    3E/3.5 Creature Catalog 3.5 Overhaul Project

    You may also want to check out these diseases from the d20 Modern SRD Table: Diseases Disease Type Incubation Period Initial Damage Secondary Damage Anthrax Inhaled/Injury DC 16 1d2 days 1 Con 1d4 Con* Small pox Inhaled/Contact DC 15 2d4 days 1 Str and 1 Con 1d2 Str and 1d2 Con...
  17. Mortis

    Happy Birthday Shade!

    Let me be the first to wish the Shady one a happy birthday. :) Regards Mortis
  18. Mortis

    Fur Seal - Dungeon Magazine

    This is primarily meant for Shade but if anyone else can help don't hesitate... :) There's been a query on WotC Mystara board regarding the fur seal from Dungeon #6 p.63 Can anyone post it's stats/description? Regards Mortis
  19. Mortis

    4E Default setting for 4E?

    It won't happen but the only way I'd buy 4e was if it used Mystara as the default setting. That said, as an unbaised opinion, it should be to have no default setting. Regards Mortis
  20. Mortis

    3E/3.5 Creature Catalog 3.5 Overhaul Project

    Argh!!! :) I don't have the revised ToH, only the original. <Checks link> How about the bloodwight? Regards Mortis