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  1. Rob Kuntz

    TSR BURMANIA! Part 2: "Keep on Going!"

    As the neutral DM I was positioned to see how the opposition to Bob Burman had manifested, especially among two primary players in my campaigns and games, James Goodfellow and Eric Shook. Where does this animus derive from? It can be narrowed down as a reaction to Bob’s philosophy (or lack...
  2. Rob Kuntz

    TSR BURMANIA! Part 1: Check Your Sanity at the Door

    Every game club or group has one. A person who stands out from the rest mostly due to some recurring oddity, a facet of their unchanging personality if you will, and their sublime belief in their own invincibility in life as well as at the game table. Add to this a penchant for vocalizing the...
  3. Rob Kuntz

    TSR GENCON IX: When Many Sought Adventure

    GECON IX, Baby! It was happening. TSR was on a roll. The last supplement for OD&D had just been released, Empire of the Petal Throne was a reality, and Fritz Leiber’s board game, Lankhmar (based off his original cork board-game that he and Harry O. Fischer had designed and played far back in...
  4. Rob Kuntz

    Sale Merlynd the Magician: A Remembrance of Don Kaye, TSR's Co-Founder on Sale Now

    Don Kaye was the co-Founder of TSR with his best friend, Gary Gygax. Learn from another of Don's friends, Rob Kuntz, about who Don was and what he accomplished before his untimely death in 1975 just as the company he helped found was rocketing skyward. To preview the product description and...
  5. Rob Kuntz

    A Memorial to Don Kaye, Co-Founder of TSR Due Out in December

    If you are interested in the roots of gaming in Lake Geneva (1968-1975) and particularly about filling in the lack of information that exists about Don Kaye, Gary Gygax's best friend and co-founder of TSR, this booklet and its special memorial color prints will satisfy. A long over due send up...
  6. Rob Kuntz

    TSR Gary’s Immersion in Castle El Raja Key: The Four-Way Footsteps

    (Very early 1973, 1st level of my Castle El Raja Key) -- In November of 1972 four stalwarts of the LGTSA (Lake Geneva Tactical Studies Association; of which I was then its current president)--namely Gary Gygax, myself, Ernie Gygax and my brother Terry Kuntz--experienced our first, and also...
  7. Rob Kuntz

    TSR Greyhawk Theatrics, Comments and Quips in Play: Snippets, Funny Lines and Outbursts from the Lake Geneva Gamers

    What follows are some dear and treasured memories—snippets, funny lines, and outbursts recalled from play. Many eluded both myself and Gary over the years. But these few should serve to indicate how the majority of us gamed in those days, and especially how we gamed while the original D&D game...
  8. Rob Kuntz

    TSR The Beginning: 1968 and Meeting Gary Gygax and the Gygax Family

    Roughly two years before Luke Gygax was born I walked through the front door of the Gygax residence at 330 Center Street in Lake Geneva. This was at the invite of Gary through his gamer friend and a very recent acquaintance of mine, Larry Zirk. Very few people from that time know of Larry Zirk...