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    Testing the Waters: Want to Run a 4e D&D game Online

    Looking to see how much interest is out there for an online (VTT) game of 4th ed D&D. This would be my first time running someone online, so I'm just in the preliminary stages of exploring VTT's. I'm hoping to start in the new year with possible one-shots to work out kinks and become familiar...
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    Help me find one of each Role

    I usually GM 4e, so I'm especially excited that I'll be joining a new 4e campaign as a player. So, I'm looking for help on classes (and races too) for each role: Striker, Defender, Leader, Controller. I like classes that are effective, but they don't have to be the best or uber (someone...
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    Dirty Monster Tactics in Dark Sun

    Hey, everyone. I've been lurking on the boards for a few months, but decided to finally join in the discussion. :) I really like 4e (warts and all). After many years playing other non-D&D systems, I returned to D&D to run a Dark Sun campaign. I just finished a 6-session story arc and am taking...