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    1E Greyhawk Map - My 1980 Darlene inspired recreation!

    Hey everyone, I want to share with you the project I have been working on this week. For my upcoming Greyhawk campaign I was looking for a copy of the 1980 Darlene Greyhawk map. I am planning to add some homebrew stuff to the map so I decided that maybe I should try my hand at recreating the...
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    5E Official Adventures starting at level 5?

    Ok lets approach this topic a little different. My group ran Sinister Secret and Danger at Dunwater, along with some homebrew materials. They are currently level 4, very close to level 5. They have moved on to Waterdeep and I was considering running the Season 8 Waterdeep AL adventures. I...
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    DDAL Season 8 Adventurer's League (Waterdeep) as a home campaign?

    Has anyone run Season 8 adventures as a home game and how did they play? My group played through Dragon Heist and loved it but some 5E mechanics issues broke our game down around level 7 while in Undermountain and we decided to switch back to 2E for a while. Ultimately we decided that while we...
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    Ruins of Thundertree - Pic Heavy

    Today my party is about to tackle the Ruins of Thundertree. I didn't really plan much for it so I decided to pull out what I had available and come up with some sort of visual setup. This took me about an hour going through my stuff to come up with something I liked. I used a combination of...
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    Redbrand Hideout - Pic Heavy

    Check out this awesome 3D terrain model of the Redbrand hideout from the D&D 5th Edition Starter Set's Lost Mine of Phandelver. "3 Weeks ago I finally made the switch from decades of 2nd edition to 5th edition. My group is all old friend who haven't played in 20+ years with the exception of one...