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    The Continuing Tales From The Old Bald One-Eyed Salty Red Dog Tavern!

    Well, it took almost a year from when he started, but Ranti has finally gotten the entire bar and all the patrons into a working remodel of a Rube Goldberg machine. He figures if he pushes the first marble the last function should finish in just 10 minutes and a reset should take no more than...
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    SF Anyone looking to create a Modern Weapons list that matches the new Starfinder Format?

    I know that I for one think these are better than D20 Modern rules for Modern style Magic/technology Campaigns. As such I would love to see what the community is doing to port these to a more Modern (or even Turn of the 20th Century) Steampunk/MagiPunk format....
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    SF Starfinder Preview Looks At The Mystic Class

    Mystic sounds like a great Force-Jedi....
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    Looking to find other gamers - Northern NJ (Paterson/Hawthorne Area)

    Greetings, I am looking to possibly start a Monthly game get together... I am willing to host and would be willing and looking to meet for coffee or such first to meet fellow gamers in the area. For a better understanding of what I am looking for... I play RPGs (almost any except White Wolf...
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    TSR Example from the worst TSR adventure module(s) ever published

    And we live on in an article... Raise Dead Thread!
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    Castle Ravenloft Board Game

    Anywhere in Northern NJ that people know where I can find a copy? Near Paramus preferred.... Would like to run it tonight...
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    TSR Example from the worst TSR adventure module(s) ever published

    Still hoping for a working link to the sister/daughter thread. % in lair 50
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    Top Secret SI

    So, at one point there was a rumor of WOTC releasing PDF files of this game... A few years later we still have nothing. I own 1-3 copies of each of the books, however time is doing its thing and causing severe separation anxiety for pages and binding... Does anyone know a good way to combat...
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    Adventuring Classes: A fist full of Denarii

    I received this as a promo for review purposes. (there, that out of the way...) To start, this is a book with 11 new* classes for Pathfinder and a handful of new feats and equipment. This book is not for everyone and is not for every campaign either. If you like the base classes from Pathfinder...
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    Ebook RPG Books

    I think that the industry should look into Ebook formatted RPG books. I have a Sony Reader and it would be greta if there was a PHB formatted for the 6' (or 5') screen...
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    4E 4E Character Sheet Generator (Excel)

    Please update???
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    Forum Previews

    Is there any plans to make the forum Previews available on the new front page? I hate having to refresh pages for 6-7 different forums to see what is new...
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    4E Fixing 4e

    All of your fixes seem to push it back to Basic D&D, might as well also make it so elf and such are classes? Or remove the option to do a lot of other things, like level above 10 or so? Remove hitpoints above 10th level? This seems like a case of feeding a troll.
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    4E A 4E Combat Encounter - Round by Round Descritpion

    Having played it (not this one exactly, but at D&D Experience) I can say that that combat probably took 6-10 minutes. In 3.5 that would have been 15-20 minutes.
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    4E WoTC is increasing the amount of 4e info, but..

    I would prefer that the retailer is honest but also lets people know that there is a large opposite to his *Opinion*. :)
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    4E My First 4E Game: Disappointing. Yours? (UPDATED with player feedback)

    Holy Crap, you have the full rules that allow you to fully know the entire game already? There are non-combat/shopkeeper NPC's? You know all the fluff of the World already too!!!! And how Combat Abilities function in all different circumstances? Holy Crap, we should post this as news!!!! Lets...
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    4E My First 4E Game: Disappointing. Yours? (UPDATED with player feedback)

    I stopped reading here. Why post at all? :) Edit: Forgot Smiley.... :)
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    Did the front page break?

    I cannot get the skin on the front page to show, it is wierd looking now and is text on a bright white background?
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    3E/3.5 WotC Rejecting 3.5 Writers?

    Actually this is a *GOOD* point. There is no GSL yet, so employees of competitors would have access to material and may start on items prior to the finalization of said GSL that would prove to be an unfair advantage to them. (Yes I know that other Non-Competitor employees freelancers may already...