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    Dragon age GM help required

    I think they only get penalty to speed if they are proficient in them. Nonproficient causes them to have penalties to all dex related stuff... iirc (I will recheck from the rules) Edit: checked and that is how it is.
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    Dragon age GM help required

    They don't actually. They can keep up with the rogues very well.
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    Dragon age GM help required

    Im looking for GM advice: I've noticed the rogues in my party are heavily lacking in effectiveness in combat. How could I change their actions to be more meaningful? in comparison, two-handed axe wielding warriors in my party do 3d6+6 damage, while rogues struggle with bows 1d6+5 or smaller...
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    SF Need help with Starfinder lore

    Hello! I've been GMing starfinder for a while now and a problem seems to occur: From time and time again, one of my players seems to assume that computers both in ships and everywhere give answers to every question (just like modern day google does), how does technology function in starfinder...
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    5E 5e build help needed: Resistance and temp hp!

    technically, the dr 3 is also reduced by the resistance, kind of. Making it effectively still benefit you 1-2 reduce in damage. ie. enemy does 10 damage, you reduce it to 7 from armor feat, and then halve that to 3. 3 is still two points less than if only resistance was a factor, which would...
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    5E 5e build help needed: Resistance and temp hp!

    armor of agathys is not a concentration spell, so a multiclass could maybe cast it and then rage on that same round.
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    5E 5e build help needed: Resistance and temp hp!

    I've been theorycrafting a tanky character that has a main point of getting constantly temporary hit points and having resistance, DR from heavy armor mastery or both. Do note that i don't want to utilize druid in this because i've played that class before. I've looked up options that do this...
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    5E Need help with choices on a build.

    I got bored of playing a wizard and my DM allowed me to switch characters. We're playing out of the abyss. My new build is to be a fighter with polearm master and sentinel feats, however as Polearm master lists few weapons that the feat can be used with, im encountering a dilemma. Should I go...
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    5E Is silence pointless?

    More likely as a ritual. Other peeps at my table say that it has a requirement of constant massing like a bloody idiot, alerting everyone and killing the whole idea of ritualizing said spell, and then cast the spell of silence. I've suggested a houserule of removing V component from silence...
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    Tips and tricks to get rid of writers block

    What the topic says, contribute.
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    5E Is Conan in 5e?

    You guys got it ALL wrong! He is obviously epic character with loads of charisma but very low wisdom! We are talking about this guy: . . . Right?
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    5E Necromancers as pcs doable?

    I looked at a topic here whcih was about halforc necromancer, and it made me think about the school. Putting aside the evil argument, can you make it work mechanically? Isnt it odd to play a group of (un)people, besides the other pcs? Have you guys had necromancer pc's and how have you handled it?
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    5E Is it worth taking damage in order to do your stuff?

    This situation came up on our last session: Enemy casts spike growth into a staircase, making it so that everyone except rogue was in the area (he was way back). This became a problem as the rogue didn't want to move forward because he would've received damage, and was too far behind in order to...
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    5E Blood Hunter base class

    ...this guy?
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    a player looking to play anything voice based online

    Hello, I am looking a skype/teamspeak/whathaveyou gaming online. My timezone is UTC+2, which changes to UTC+3 on summers. I am available every day of the week between 8 A.M. - 10 P.M. (8:00-22:00) of my time. I also have a real life group but we manage to play so rarely that I thought that an...
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    Rip-dungeon-apart character

    I was wondering about a character that would revisit a dungeon the party has visited and take a few extra things that require more time than just spot and grab. Like such a stone slab that was part of an dm intended puzzle and decorated with pictures and ancient text, but must be chiseled out of...