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    General Folkloric Magic?

    A friend of mine did a zine that covers real-world folk magic from the Americas. He uses it in low-magic games set in a version of the real world, but you might find it interesting. Other Magic https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/277801/Other-Magic
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    Here's What's Available For Free RPG Day

    No store within an hours drive of me has participated in Free RPG Day in many years, unfortunately.
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    5E strong smelling books

    One way to decrease the smell is to take a plastic container with a lid, put a layer of kitty litter in the bottom, open the book and put it in, and then put the lid on (something airtight is best). Leave it that way for a couple of weeks, periodically opening it up and flipping some of the...
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    General What are the "dead settings" of D&D?

    My bet is that they all have active campaigns going on somewhere in the world.
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    5E What would you like to see in 5e books?

    More classes, subclasses, and half-species (half-dwarves, for example). I'm not really in buying anything else for 5e.
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    Critical Role PSA: You are not Matt Mercer

    I do, if some of the players are relatively new to rpgs. I talk about the difference between streaming "live play" and playing D&D in the real world. I tend to use Critical Role as an example, since it is the most popular one of its type. I make sure they understand that the players are...
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    Kickstarter Is Losing Nearly Half It’s Staff

    I have done rpg projects through Kickstarter before. In fact, I'm getting ready to deliver on a ZineQuest project later this month. I have other products that I was planning on Kickstartering this summer, but I'm hesitant to do so now. A lot of people - including me - just aren't backing...
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    Critical Role PSA: You are not Matt Mercer

    I manage expectations before I let someone join the campaign, and again during an all-group Session Zero. I specifically address this issue. That has always worked well for me.
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    4E Edition Experience - Did/Do You Play 4th Edition D&D? How Was/Is it?

    I played almost every edition of D&D from the Holmes Boxed Set to the 5e. The only one I skipped entirely was 4e. When it came out I sat down and read someone else's copy and promptly gave it back. I could tell that it wasn't something I ever wanted to play, and I haven't. I have watched...
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    Why Do You Hate An RPG System?

    There are some systems that I dislike and don't want to play or GM, but I don't have an all-abiding hate for them. They just aren't ones I enjoy. Those include anything PbtA, FATE, 2d20, GMless systems in general, and most games that fall under the general "storygames" category.
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    New internet rule

    Also... "Amazing" appears to just mean "I like it" these days.
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    Zine Quest - What did you end up enjoying last year?

    Zine Quest 2 is coming up in February. I would be interested in hearing about which things you supported last year that ended up being your favorites. My favorites were "A Pound of Flesh" (for Mothership) and "Other Magic."
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    5E How much money is D&D 5e actually making?

    It isn't unusual for DMs/GMs to be the primary purchasers of rpg books. Players will commonly buy dice, dice bags, and minis, but a lot of them don't go much beyond that. That has been the case for a really long time, if not right from the beginning.
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    General WotC Asks What Makes YOU Play Dungeons and Dragons?

    I'm sorry, I have forgotten now :(
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    General WotC Asks What Makes YOU Play Dungeons and Dragons?

    I put in 52, as well. It asked one more question and then ended.
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    6E What Improvements Would You Want with 6E?

    Less background textures/colors and slightly larger text in the print books would be a great thing for us old-timers.
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    Best system for historical roleplaying?

    I use Call of Cthulhu / Basic Roleplaying for that. Mythras is in the same general family of games.