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  1. Dark_T_Zeratul

    5E Magic Jar aftermath question

    Okay, here's the situation: Unbeknownst to the party, the villain they think they killed has magic jarred into their NPC companion. The villain has escaped with the jar, but their original body has been destroyed. They need a way to make their new body permanent so that they don't have to worry...
  2. Dark_T_Zeratul

    General Visiting divine realms

    So in most D&D settings, the gods have physical domains that exist in the Outer Planes. I'm in a situation where I've got a high-level player that's keen on knocking on his god's door and talking to her. Long story short this is something I ultimately want to facilitate for his story, but when I...
  3. Dark_T_Zeratul

    5E Looking for some help with a custom campaign

    Alright, so I'm prepping an epilogue of sorts for my current campaign, largely to wrap up one particular PC's story arc. It's going to start with an investigative section, but being as I don't have a huge amount of experience doing this I've hit a few snags in terms of the details. So the...