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  1. bulletmeat

    5E How would you wish WOTC to do Dark Sun

    I'd like them to give up the IP so it can be done in a d100 system; Runequest, Mythras, etc. I think that it can be done in 5e but to much kitchen sink concepts dilute the setting as said before.
  2. bulletmeat

    Why the New D&D Board Game is a Big Deal

    My first 'official' intro to D&D was also the black box of 90 (still got that bad boy). I read it and took me a while to get my head around the rules. When HeroQuest (which I originally thought was part of D&D) came out I got that too and was more inclined to play because a) easier rules to...
  3. bulletmeat


    Were these signals screaming, 'Space Marines!'?
  4. bulletmeat

    5E House Rules for Two Players

    Henchmen, where are your henchmen?!
  5. bulletmeat

    General Two underlying truths: D&D heritage and inclusivity

    In 2e I played a LG Drow Paladin who got up to level 9. Alignment and level/class restrictions be darned. When I play my homebrew world (2e, 5e, or C&C) there are no half-orcs (or half-elves) because goblinoids (goblins, orcs, hobgoblins, & bugbears) are all peelings of flesh from one of the...
  6. bulletmeat

    TSR Problematic Faves and Early D&D

    Edit: Never mind.
  7. bulletmeat

    What NON-D&D fantasy art got you hooked?

    Good call on the He-Man. :)
  8. bulletmeat

    What NON-D&D fantasy art got you hooked?

    Besides Frazaetta, I always remember when my aunt first got me the time life Enchanted World Series books: https://www.amazon.com/Wizards-Witches-Enchanted-Brendan-Lehane/dp/0809452049 When I got into D&D in 89/90 those were some of my main inspiration. I think I still have them somewhere.
  9. bulletmeat

    5E Am I too strict?

    How about an INT check; pass & no cost, fail & you need more study, retry w/new materials, etc. Might be a compromise?
  10. bulletmeat

    General So what colour are your dwarfs and elfs?

    Usually I follow this rule for general settings. When running Known World my elves are either Green Wild Elves (the Atruaghin Clans), Pale & Blonde Light Elves (Alfheim), Purple Genalleth Elves (Wendar, think WoW night elves), & pale grey Ash Shadow Elves (Svartalfheim, think warhammer dark...
  11. bulletmeat

    Dragon age GM help required

    Someone, somewhere (can't remember) made quicker damage rules. 1d6 damage is 4 base damage, 1d6+1 is 5 base damage, 2d6 is 8, etc. You add modifiers of the associated ability and the total from the dragon dice. So a short sword (6 base) + 3 accuracy (9 total) is added to whatever the dragon...
  12. bulletmeat

    Dragon age GM help required

    In F-AGE, to make it more deadly we add focus of a relevant weapon to damage (bow focus to bow damage for example). We also add a +1 to damage for the level of weapon style talent you are using. So w/a Shield and Weapon Style at Journeyman w/a +2 focus the PC does +4 damage. So far it's...
  13. bulletmeat

    5E Intiative Score (DMG variant rule)

    I have been looking at the idea of the flat initiative score for npc/monsters (8 + Prof bonus + Dex) and have player's roll. I'm trying to think how declaration would work; everyone declares and those acting first can react off of the declaration of others.
  14. bulletmeat

    General Playing Nicely In The Sandbox

    Page 6 of the Player's Handbook has the sentence, "Ultimately, the Dungeon Master is the authority on the campaign and its setting, even if the setting is a published world." So I think we are ok there. This article seems little more like don't break the kingdom or save the world every...
  15. bulletmeat

    5E 0 HP =/= Down, Dying, and Death

    A level 1 warrior crit & killed a Sith that was hunting them in our Clone Wars campaign. Caused me to redo alot of the story on the fly but by the Force it was epic. I think the problem is when a PC can go out the same way it's not as 'epic'.
  16. bulletmeat

    Dune RPG Details Emerge!

    How do you get 3 or more successes for difficulty if player's can't buy more dice w/momentum?
  17. bulletmeat

    5E 0 HP =/= Down, Dying, and Death

    That's the revised d20 Star Wars. Saga was '3rd edition' d20 Star Wars.
  18. bulletmeat

    Coronavirus Costco Prank

    Great, now the battle-axe will be overpriced for 100,000 gp on Amazon. Darn it.
  19. bulletmeat

    Dune RPG Details Emerge!

    So, how do I play a navigator is my next question.