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  1. kenmarable

    Poll about 3PP planar products for the Great Beyond

    After a few years away, I'm getting back into RPG writing again and was thinking of taking a stab at producing some planar products for Pathfinder since it's often an under-served niche and I just love that stuff (plus Paizo has opened a fair amount of their cosmology - thanks!). But I'm that...
  2. kenmarable

    DDI Sept - "PH3 Skill Powers", "Fighter: Great Weapon", etc.

    September Editorial Calendar is up. Assassin will be published tier by tier each week, and interesting to see the PH3 excerpt is "Skill Powers" which sounds like it could be fun. Plus, it looks like we get the Fighter article mysteriously referenced in this month's article. Fun stuff!
  3. kenmarable

    July DDI price increase and PHB3 content

    delete me Ninja'ed by Verys Arkon
  4. kenmarable

    What should the DDI Campaign Tool do?

    According to the DDI survey results at WotC, and the top choice among subscribers was "Tool to create and manage campaign info". Since this is one I thought a lot about (and voted as my top choice), I'm curious what people's thoughts are on what this should entail. Note: If you are interested...
  5. kenmarable

    4e and kids - Forked: With a subscription to DDi Character Builder, buying a PHB2

    Forked from: With a subscription to DDi Character Builder, buying a PHB2 isn't necessary. (trying this fancy new "fork button"...) We've had some false starts over the past year, but now is when we're finally getting serious and playing regularly. I originally tried a watered down 3.5 with...
  6. kenmarable

    Changing implements

    Just getting started on 4e and I have a question: Are there any balance issues I should be concerned about with allowing a class to use a different implement? The particular case in question is a cleric using a staff rather than a holy symbol. Basically the player likes some of the invoker...
  7. kenmarable

    Do you like modrons?

    As suggested in this thread, let's get a non-scientific survey of EN World's opinions on modrons, shall we? Obviously, I'm a HUGE fan of them and think they have a place in every edition of the game. I had plenty of fun thinking about the possible directions the race could go in after the...
  8. kenmarable

    Wayne Reynolds and Arnie Swekel art for sale

    (Note to Mods - If this is the wrong forum, zap away. Scanning through the list, it seemed the most appropriate, but my apologies in advance if it is not.) I am unfortunately parting ways with most of my original artwork collection I've gathered from Gen Cons past. They are being auctioned off...
  9. kenmarable

    GSL - Devils and Demons?

    I'm still digesting it all, but from looking over the SRD, it appears that the words "Devil" and "Demon" are licensed, but unlike all of the other entries the actual individual devils and demons are not? Am I missing something? Also, I had hoped with the greater restrictions, they would have...
  10. kenmarable

    WoW Newbie - How soon can group different races?

    Ok, so my wife and I finally after years of putting it off, took the plunge into World of Warcraft this past weekend. Since I know these boards have a couple of WoW players on them and I'm not familiar with the best WoW online communities yet, I figured I'd ask here first. We wanted to play...
  11. kenmarable

    4E 4e campaign settings in multiple books?

    Not sure if this is old news, but it surprised me. In Logan Bonner's blog today he mentioned: Not the plural bookS, and the mention of the "DM's book". Sounds like at least FR is going to released as multiple books possibly Player's and DM's (or return to the old boxed sets could be fun). At...
  12. kenmarable

    Radiant Machine building DDI

    Not sure if this has appeared elsewhere (or is General Discussion rather than 4e, but DDI and 4e are pretty tight.) Some of my worries about DDI are somewhat lessened now. I think I rambled more about it on the Paizo boards, but I just have worries from my own IT background of a company trying...
  13. kenmarable

    Help me find a map to noble's estate

    Figured I'd query the EN World masses, I'm looking for a decent map(s) to use for a session coming up. I need a map that can pass as a noble family's estate - exterior and interior would be great, but either is fine. This will be for a drow noble house in the Underdark, but I've gotten used to...