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    5E Does the Beholder's anti-magic field move with it?

    The PCs will likely be battling a beholder this week, and I want to understand how its anti-magic cone works. The MM states that "at the start of each of its turns, the beholder decides which way the cone faces and whether the cone is active. The area works against the beholder's own eye rays"...
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    5E [FR] Bloodgate Keep

    I'm putting together a sandbox FR campaign loosely based around SKT, but am drawing upon some of the other DnD Next/5E material as well. In the Ghosts of Dragonspear Castle and Scourage of the Sword Coasts, a group of Red Wizards is plotting out of a hidden base called Bloodgate Keep...
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    5E Does Dispel Magic work on Banishment?

    We had a scenario come up yesterday and the group didn't really come to an agreement on the answer, nor could we find an answer online. The PC wizard cast Banishment on a demon and successfully banished it to the Abyss. Then, knowing that 10 rounds of concentration were required to make it...
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    Unofficial 5E Conversion

    While I would love an official 5E conversion, I'm not willing to wait for WOTC. So I've started to make my own, and have begun working on some (very lazy) Character Creation notes. Races: Eladrin are covered in the DMG so there's nothing to add there. For Devas, I'm just using the aasimar...
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    This is probably a dumb question...

    While I still wait for my PF Zeitgeist Bk One to arrive in the mail, I've been reading the PDF compilation, and I notice that Bk 1 goes up to level 12, and Bk 3 will go up to level 30. These look like 4E levels to me - does the PF version really go up to level 30, and if so, how is this done -...
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    5E Pedantic Equipment Complaints

    I just got my PHB, and I'm digging it. So far, EVERYTHING IS AWESOME, EVERYTHING IS COOL IN 5E... ...except the Equipment chapter. For some reason, I find myself quibbling over really petty details: *why does the hooded lantern have 2x the illumination radius of the non-hooded lamp? *do...
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    Calculating XP for a 21st level character

    As we approach the end of our Age of Worms capaign, some of the players are hitting 21st level. I understand the rules for calculating XP for monsters with a CR of 21+, but I can't figure out the formula when PCs are level 21+. The table in the DMG only goes to 20. For instance, if 4 21st level...
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    Death Attack

    Is there any official WOTC feat that allows assasins to make death attacks at range?
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    Knight/Paladin characters

    On the surface, the two classes go together very well - they benefit from the same stats, complement each other's saving throws, fight with the same weapons, and don't give up any BAB. And both get to be snooty towards the party rogue :) So, barring the silly no-multiclassing paladin rules...
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    Crazy Multiclassing Idea

    Here's an idea that came to me today at work for multiclassing: You use the XP chart separetly for each class. So buying the 1st level of fighter costs 1000 XP, regardless of how many levels of wizard you have. However, the catch is that levels don't stack - instead you take the better # of the...
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    Sell Me Grimm Tales

    Ok, all this talk about Grimm Tales has intrigued me. And I'm looking for a new low-fantasy setting that's D20, but grittier than standard DnD. So, the game looks like a good fit. However, I understand that it's based on the D20 modern rules which I like, but already own. So what does GT do...
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    Customizing Pre-defined Magic Weapons

    I'm just about to start playing in a new, high-level campaign. My character is a high level assasin, and I want to equip him with an improved version of the assasin's dagger and a sword of subtlety. ------------------------------------------- Assasin's Dagger: This wicked-looking, curved +2...
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    Help me make a bladesinger that doesn't suck

    Using the Complete Warrior version. 32 pt character buy, 9th level, 36000 gp in equipment. The bladesinger doesn't need to be uber, but needs to be able to survive the perils of a hardcore dungeon crawl. I've been trying to build one but I just can't make it work.
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    Need to fill an abandoned elven wizard's tower

    Here's the background. In Cormyr, the PCs have tracked some raiding drow to a long lost elven portal. The drow have been recently displaced from the city of Maermydia (sp?), and as such, are low on resources and desparate. The portal leads to an abandoned wizard's tower in Cormanthor. Here the...
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    Help running a chase

    I want to run a dramatic chase battle in next week's game. The party (6 characters level 7-8) are escorting an important noble across the country when they are going to be ambushed in the woods. My problem is to get the party to run, and thus have an evening of dodging branches, jumping streams...
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    Fighters screwed, wizards overpowered in 3.5!

    Man, as a fighter, my life suxs now that 3.5 is coming out. All these changes totally nerf the fighter! I can no longer be bull-strengthed all day. This means spell-casters will be taking cool spells like web and invisibility and flaming sphere, rather than just buffing up my already impressive...
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    How long does a hat of disguise work

    The way I figure it, the hat duplicates the effect of a change self spell (10 min/level). Since you need to be a 3rd level caster to create wondrous items, then the disguise effect lasts 30 minutes. However, you can use the hat an unlimited number of times per day. Am I correct here?
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    Is it safe to allow a spellfire wielder?

    I'm starting a new FR campaign with 5th level players. One of them wants to run a spellfire wielder. I've briefly looked over the rules in Magic of Faerun and it seems to me like spellfire wielders are unbalancing trouble. And yes, while I could always throw crazed zhents and dragon cultists at...
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    A Tavern Full of Adventurers

    The Premise: the Regent of Cormyr has issued a call to adventuring parties to gather at a particular tavern. The next day, she will issue quests to various groups. The night before she issues the quests, the Regent plans to mingle incognito amongst the adventuring groups to get an idea of their...
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    Too much DnD

    I don't want to make like of the current political situation, or get into debates about the morality of the war with Iraq, but I do wonder... When the news reports yesterday announced that the US had fired cruise missles at a location where they believed Saddam to be, declaring it a "target of...