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    ZEITGEIST tragicThaumaturge's 4e Zeitgeist Campaign

    We finally started the campaign with Bonds of Forced Faith, on the same weekend of a lunar eclipse no less! Despite this being a 4e D&D campaign we used the 5e version of the adventure because I had already printed the character sheets for that version.We began by choosing characters, but I'll...
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    ZEITGEIST Hardcovers finally arrived

    The hardcovers arrived just in time for the new year and I must say, it's a damn fine way to start it. Hopefully my group and I will be able to start playing soon, as just last Friday we finished an ongoing campaign that we started back in 2012 (oof!). To all the folks who contributed with the...
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    ZEITGEIST Question about Technologist benefit rulings in D&D 4e

    The technologist theme grants a character an encounter power with the arcane and summoning keywords. Upon reaching level 5 the theme mentions that the contraption summoned through the power follows the rules of an animal companion. Does it mean the Essential's druid sentinel's animal companion...