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  1. Ajar

    Cool things that players do for their GMs?

    Today I found out that the players in my Zeitgeist game pledged for the GM's Day reward on Admiral o' the High Seas, EN Publishing's new naval combat supplement that was funded by Kickstarter a while back. I am the captain of the zeppelin-hunter Serenity, a precocious officer, a crack shot, and...
  2. Ajar

    WotBS WotBS: Inherent Bonuses?

    :w: I'm currently running Zeitgeist for non-local friends through MapTool and Google+ hangouts, but now some local friends have asked me to run a game for them. Given their interest in heroic fantasy specifically, I thought WotBS would be a good fit. I'm wondering about treasure, though. Would...
  3. Ajar

    Aftermath of Axis Island

    I've been reading through the prerelease Dying Skyseer text in preparation for our Zeitgeist session today, and one thing I've noticed is that there's little to no mention of the events of Island at the Axis of the World. Some of the events were things that would have repercussions -- Asrabey...
  4. Ajar

    ZEITGEIST Campaign Notes: MapTool and Google+ Hangouts

    Edited in: I'll add links to files and documents that other DMs may find useful to the start of this post. Digging for Lies MapTool campaign file (maps through the first 2 acts). Original Post I mentioned Zeitgeist to a few of my friends in passing. I recently ran the first act of Shadows of...
  5. Ajar

    Homosexuality among eladrin

    Most of my players are still tinkering with various character options, but I have one who has pretty much decided what she wants to play: Vesta, a male eladrin Vekeshi mystic ensnaring swordmage. We're still working on why he's in the RHC and why the RHC wants him in the first place, but today...