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    Renown "Benefits" The listed benefits are OK, but generic and not particularly interesting. I am not sure what I expected to come out of the new faction/renown rules, but this isn't it.
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    Update to Season 8 Rules There are some changes to the problematic item list. For example, Dawnbringer can now be exchanged for points or for a Sun Blade. Mithral Splintmail +1 can no longer be exchanged for points, only for Splintmail +1 or...
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    Season 8 Changes (Adventurers League) This outlines the changes coming for season 8 including checkpoints and treasure points. Certain problematic items are being removed from all characters and faction items will no longer be available (though the ones that...
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    Extra Life Rewards

    Wizards of the Coast has shared goodies for one and all. (Links to certificates are near the bottom of the page, just above the sections about the Tortle Package.)
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    Changing of the Guard There will be a change in the admin group for AL. From the link: Wizards announced today that there will be a change in the admin lineup for the D&D Adventurers League. Effective January 1st, 2018, I, Robert Adducci will no longer be the...
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    Season 7 Documents Season 7 documents are available.
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    Surrogates are now available

    The Death Curse surrogates have been posted. The tier 1 surrogates are level 3 and the tier 2 are level 8. The most interesting part of this is that the Rogue surrogates are grung.
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    Faction Mentors

    I am curious about how many players are using the faction guide mentor benefits. Have you had a PC become a mentor? If so, have you used any of the abilities and benefits such as Faction Philanthropist? Currently I have several PCs that have reached Rank 4, but have yet to have any of them...