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  1. J

    Old School Wizard

    One of the things that upset me with 3 ed. is the idea that wizards, when gaining a level, just find a couple of new spell in their book ... coming from nowhere ( sorcerers as well, but they have a different story ..). Most of youngest player i know do not even remember about wizards having a...
  2. J

    Squared FireBalls?

    Along with the concept that diagonal count as the side of a square ( no more 1,5 times), we have to consider that in 4 Ed. Fireball ( and all the like) will expand in a squared space ??? Seems very odd to me :confused: ...
  3. J

    3E/3.5 Confused with ranger manyshoot feat [3.5]

    I'm not sure to understand the new feat manyshoots for the ranger, so I will apreciate any help. Let's make an example. One of my players has a 8 lev. Ranger, with 18 dex. and skill focus lonbow. No magical or masterwork weapon. He should usually have two attack each round, at 13( 8Bab+4dex+1...
  4. J

    Help scaling down Ring Of Spell Storing

    A Ring Of Spell Storing is very powerfull, can hold 10 level of spell in it, for a cost of 90.000 gp. I would like to scale it down, from 1 to 9 level, to make an affordable version for my players. Besides, the ROSS has no limit of spell level, up to the max. spell level of the ring is not...