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    WIKI Welcome to the EN World Wiki

    So this will be a wiki for everything RPG related, not just D&D5E? What is the structure we aim for? Will Gamemaster articles, list of general game resources etc. something we can add?
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    Announcing the Free RPG Day 2020 Publishers!

    Your lightsabers These RPGs will make a fine addition to my collection.
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    5E D&D Beyond Announces Combat Tracker

    Well, there actually does exist a way to integrate DnDBeyond, with a browser-extension called Beyond20. I've heard it's great, from people who use both. From what I understand it makes it possible to make rolls in Roll20 from your BeyondDnD content, and doesn't include any shady options that...
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    5E Wanna playtest the D&D-powered Stargate Beta?

    Yeah, it makes a ton of sense in how Stargate adventures plays out, showing that they have put thought to adapting the 5E framework for Stargate, and not just done a quick reskin. Anyway, even if the playtest is now public, it's still somehow done under a NDA, so we shouldn't really talk...