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  1. LuisCarlos17f

    A BATMAN RPG Has Just Been Announced

    You can imagine whatever after the events of Death Metal. I wish them a great success but, I have said it many times, d20 system is a great challenge for DM about power level when there are firearms and modern tech, and beside that, the superpowers. Munchkin players will want something like a...
  2. LuisCarlos17f

    5E How should be the future Oriental Adventures.

    Not only mist of Akuma (although very steampunk) but I suggest other setting: Kaidan, by Rite Publishing. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/browse/pub/2373/Rite-Publishing/subcategory/4448_6626/Kaidan ---
  3. LuisCarlos17f

    5E How should be the future Oriental Adventures.

    My wish is to can build a fantasy world based in the speculative fiction from the different Asia countries. Japan is the main influence and this can't be avoided, but other cultures also can show some interesting things. But I worry about Asian authors showing in their works their own prejudices...
  4. LuisCarlos17f

    General SYFY article on Castle Greyhawk

    I think the "mockery" version of the Castle Greyhawk still can be canon as a demiplane created as a copy of the original building. The origin may be accidental by fault of a secondary effect of a multiverse crisis, and later somebody discovered it and "redecorated a little" to have fun. This...
  5. LuisCarlos17f

    5E What Is Your "Must-Have" House-Rule (If Any)?

    Added more abilities scores (for an easier conversion of characters and monsters from other RPG systems): - Spirit (Grace (luck/karma/fate/divine bless/guardian angel), Willpower and courage. Wisdom would be the good sense and self-control for social composure, or to stop or avoid a stupid or...
  6. LuisCarlos17f

    5E Should 5e have more classes (Poll and Discussion)?

    A new class each two or three years can't be bad for the game.
  7. LuisCarlos17f

    5E Should 5e have more classes (Poll and Discussion)?

    I guess 6th Ed will not arrive until 2030. Today Hasbro is too busy and worried about to promote the brand as multimedia franchise. After the psionic powers the next step may the the martial maneuvers or some equivalent. Then the duskblade would be more like the warlock, with lower number of...
  8. LuisCarlos17f

    General Harry Potter, Cthulhu, and D&D: The Art and the Artist

    Do you know? My opinion is some things today are "normal" in the fiction in the future will be seen through different eyes, and those generations will say that fiction is not politically correct in the same way today "Tintin in the Congo", Disney's "A dinosaur is missing", the crows of the...
  9. LuisCarlos17f

    5E Should 5e have more classes (Poll and Discussion)?

    Today there is some space for a fighter with some arcane spells, because the witcher is being very popular now. What are the marks of identity to recognize a "duskblade/hexblade/swordmage"? For example no shield, no heavy armour, no helmet and a empty hand? But this would be too close to the...
  10. LuisCarlos17f

    HeroQuest returning?

    Apparently the (now cancelled) project by Restoration Games hasn't got links with Avalon Hill/Hasbro. Source: https://www.polygon.com/2020/9/14/21436333/heroquest-board-game-revival-hasbro-announcement-time-release-date-price Update (Sept. 17): A representative from Restoration Games got back...
  11. LuisCarlos17f

    Ruins of Symbaroum [5E] - The Promised Land: An Interview With Free League Publishing

    I wonder about this will be translated into other languages.
  12. LuisCarlos17f

    5E Starting a new campaign - looking for resources

    My suggestion is to use the folklore from all European continent, not only the regions from the North, as source of inspiration, and also some fandom wikis about geek fiction franchises (comics, videogames, novels, teleseries..). An idea would be there was a titanomachy, a war of the gods...
  13. LuisCarlos17f

    5E Should 5e have more classes (Poll and Discussion)?

    Paladin and ranger are warriors with some spells, but not true hybrid spellcaster-fighter. Today lots of players are used to "duskblade" class in lots of MMOs. https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/MagicKnight I guess we will not new spellcaster classes for a long time, at least not...
  14. LuisCarlos17f

    5E Should 5e have more classes (Poll and Discussion)?

    My theory is the duskblade (arcane spellcaster + fighter) will be a hybrid arcane + martial adept. Spending daily spells to can use for an encounter something like arcane magic version of the martial adepts, but with simple mechanic to be easy and fast by nPCs, for example the hobgoblin leader...
  15. LuisCarlos17f

    We Are All Mad Here: 28-Page Preview of MCG's Fairytale Game

    Eastern civilization has got a rich literature based in the fairy tales, but the folklore from the Latin-speaker or Eastern-Europe countries are too forgotten or unknown. It is sad, because they are a rich source of inspiration and they are public domain. Lots of stories unknown by the new...
  16. LuisCarlos17f

    HeroQuest returning?

    I have just read some rumors say it will be in Hasbro Pulse, the crowdfunding platform by Hasbro. The convention will be in the next days, like the countdown. (Really Pulsecon will start three days after HQ final countdown). https://hasbropulse.com/pages/hasbro-pulsecon-2020 The keys of HQ...
  17. LuisCarlos17f

    Borderlands RPG

    Mentioned by me in this forum some days ago. https://www.enworld.org/threads/tiny-tinas-bunkers-badasses-its-real.674761/
  18. LuisCarlos17f

    5E Should 5e have more classes (Poll and Discussion)?

    I imagine the shaman like a mixture of totemist (from magic of incarnum) and with a game mechanic to summon totem spirits like the vestige pact magic. But this time some powers would work as martial maneuvers, in the middle between at-will and once-encounter, with the option of reloading thanks...
  19. LuisCarlos17f

    5E Rules of Telepathy & Kalashtars

    Telepathy wouldn't be like a voice, but if you see other person's eyes and notice what is she thinking about.
  20. LuisCarlos17f

    5E Should 5e have more classes (Poll and Discussion)?

    The truenamer was an interesting concept, but in the table board it was at-will power, but very limited options, and this was boring. Sometimes I wondered about a truenamer version using the dark tongue from "Book of Vile Darkness" and the words of creations from "Book of Exalted Deeds". I feel...