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  1. gweinel

    How To Promote Your RPG Kickstarter

    Great article for all of us who plan to crowdfund our projects!
  2. gweinel

    5E The New D&D Book: Tasha's Cauldron of Everything!

    In which unearthed arcana are these in? Seems to missed it.
  3. gweinel

    WotC WotC Looking For A New D&D Producer?

    Is this Mearl's position?
  4. gweinel

    WotC Baldur's Gate III Announced; Powered by D&D 5E

    Interesting comment from one with your avatar!:p:)
  5. gweinel

    Critical Role Critical Role's Kickstarter Breaks $1,000,000 In About An Hour!

    Isn't the "CD/DVD" thing obsolete yet? :P
  6. gweinel

    Critical Role Critical Role's Kickstarter Breaks $1,000,000 In About An Hour!

    They will not have any problem. I am sure they contacted Wizards before they make their move. It is a win - win case, since CR is a living D&D advertisment. The most successful one. Ever.
  7. gweinel

    5E Mearls on other settings

    Below you can see three very interesting tweets by Mike Mearls regarding the non-published dnd settings (even Spelljammer). Although he doesn't mention how it supposed to support these settings, it seems to me that it will gonna be a holistic approach.
  8. gweinel

    5E Telekinesis damage?

    Here is the scene. There is a mage on the top of the cliff and casts Telekinesis on a 1000pounds boulder and drops it down to the party. Lets say the height is 30 feet. How would you handle a situation like this? Attack roll? Dexterity saving throw for the party member(s)? And what damage the...
  9. gweinel

    UA Unearthed Arcana: Wizards & Warlocks -- Hexblades, Raven Queens, and Lore Mastery!

    Isn't the first level of Hexblade waaaaayy more powerful than the other first level patron powers? Hexblade gets at 1st lvl proficiency at medium armor and shields, cha. modifier instead str/dex, and to one cursed creature once per long rest gets 19-20 critical, bonus to dmg equal to prof. bonus...
  10. gweinel

    UA Unearthed Arcana Sorcerers: Favored Souls, Phoenix Sorcery, Sea Sorcery, & Stone Sorcery

    As I think it of it over and over, I think Wizards of the Coast didn't wanted primary to test if Earth Sorcerer has good/bad mechanics but mostly if we want such a specific subclass. :P
  11. gweinel

    UA Unearthed Arcana Sorcerers: Favored Souls, Phoenix Sorcery, Sea Sorcery, & Stone Sorcery

    Some thoughts/questions: I see in many recent UA subclasses a trend of over-complication. Probably this is intented in order to test our attitute on more complicated options. I am negative. One good example is Favored Soul's "Favored By The Gods". Why has 2d4 mechanic and not the usual...
  12. gweinel

    Please help me find a defining game mechanic for my homebrew world

    As the title says I am searching for a mechanic which will have a universal impact in my campaign setting. As universal gaming mechanic I mean something like the corruption/hope points of the The One Ring game or the madness checks from Cthulhu's Chaosium etc. Something that all the players will...
  13. gweinel

    UA Latest Unearthed Arcana Introduces Rogue & Ranger Archetypes

    First thoughts: Ranger: we have two oldies here: Horizon Walker from 3e and Warden (or Primeval Guardian) from 4e. I really liked both subclasses without being spectacular. I loved the planescape feeling of the Horizon Walker. It is a class that could see in my table in a plane hoping...
  14. gweinel

    UA Unearthed Arcana Introduces The Artifcer

    It is of course a better iteration of Artificer but still i am not thrilled. From the two subclasses, the only one that could possibly see in my campaign is the alchemist, since there aren't fire arms in my world. But alchemist isn't represented/flavored as good. The satchel with the unlimited...
  15. gweinel

    Please critique my cultural caste (racial) traits

    In my homebrew world i don't have different races (elves, dwarves, etc), but different cultures which work exactly as races. One of these cultures is Chattigar, which is very strictly caste based. The higher caste, Aatma, is related with the spiritual guiding of Chattigar and most of its...
  16. gweinel

    UA Recent Unearthed Arcana: Would you play the new options?

    I was considering the recent subclasses from UA articles and i find em to be inferior than the previous ones. I think Wizards don't sell well what they are offering. It seems to me to be written more hasty than the old ones. From all these subclasses the only ones that found somehow acceptable...
  17. gweinel

    UA Unearthed Arcana: Druid Circles And Wild Shape

    Another UA that leaves me unimpressed at least. I think they want to see what mechanic and theme like to us or not than to provide to us a viable subclass to play. Ok, i know this the purpose of Unearthed Arcana but i think previous articles (before this class series UA) were provided better...
  18. gweinel

    UA Unearthed Arcana Divine Domains

    Imho this series of UA is pretty disappointing. There are some good ideas and concepts but the implementation i think its kind of weak. Lets take a look these three domains: First of all the damage ability at 8th lvl, i think it is kind of lame and uninspired. It is not bad, but it is boring...
  19. gweinel

    UA New Barbarian Primal Paths in November 7th Unearthed Arcana

    Nice, but why all the barbarians have magical abilities? I mean isn't too much magic already in the classes? I would prefer to have some more options for non magical abilities especially for the so called martial classes like the barbarian.
  20. gweinel

    Lord of the Monsters: New Warlock patron (based on new Ranger playtest)

    EDIT: Here is the latest version (0.3) of the Warlock subclass and patron "Lord of the Monsters" https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxFUyeewEQu6TEFuSm1vdTMzcm8/view It needs more work and still have balancing issues but I feel i have make some progress...