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    5E Divine intervention level 20 autowin?

    I just reread the rules for clerics to resolve another issue then I noticed: At level 20 divine intervention auto-succeeds. Does that mean a level 20 cleric has the powers of a god at his whim? What are the limits of this skill or is it DMs decision what is working and what isn't ?
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    5E Help me find elemental cleric spells especially level 6-9

    The next campaign I plan, will be Darksun using my own conversion rules. I am normally quite inventive, but here is a bit of a "dilemma" I ran into: I will rule that normal clerical magic, for the four types of elemental clerics (with some exceptions like e.g. create water) , will work up to...
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    5E How do I resolve competing spells?

    How would you resolve the situation that two casters - let us assume they are of same level and have got same spell DC for additional complexity - target the same creature let us assume it fails the saves with e.g. a charm spell at the same time? Which of the casters spell takes effect and how...
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    5E NPC party competing with PCs

    I want to know if you folks ever ran a competition NPC party for the same goal(s) as the PCs have. E.g. it I s a race for clues with optionally different paths to go or only the quicker party gets the goal. Especially if you did that in 5e, how did you build that competition party? Did you...
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    5E New products featuring Vistani will be?

    So please use the other threads existent to discuss depiction of Vistani in D&D, in this thread I only want to read your speculations what the two Ravenloft or other products might be published by WotC based on that official announcement about diversity
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    5E Darksun player backgrounds

    Yo guys I am brainstorming about a darksun 5e campaign using mostly the 2e material. The campaign shall start out in Tyr with Kalak still in Power, I want to use the official adventures (starting with freedom) although maybe the timeline altered a bit. I also got access to the City of Tyr...
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    5E UA Mystic3 I intend to use Avatar Immortal and Awakened subclasses for Darksun

    I intend to use Avatar Immortal and Awakened subclasses of UA Mystic3 for Darksun 5e Means all the rules detailed in UAMystic3 their abilities and the talents and disciplines, but disciplines only for those 3 classes, so no soulknife nomad or wu-jen disciplines. Now my question: Do you think...
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    5E Does your city have a cleric NPC and what can he cure?

    Inspired by @Greenstone.Walker s thread about percentage of adventurers in a fantasy realm I wanted to do a little free text survey about NPCs with class levels and how you handle it in your campaign. If your PCs need to raise a companion from dead e.g. then there are a few possibilities: A...
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    5E If Psion is fixed and official does it belong into FR as basic and RAW?

    So here is one for you sinkhole fans: Assume there is finally some official product for a psion/mystic class, should it then become part of the base lore and part of all settings or only for those who have extensive lore for it like Eberron or DS? Before you answer to quick: Psionics was a big...
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    General The senseless achitecture in most official products

    Inspired by @Kris thread about him trying out the rolled up random dungeon i want to start a discussion about the annoyance that many official products cause in me about the seemingly totally senseless architectural features of the dungeon maps. With some absolutely marvelous exceptions so many...
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    General Campaign worlds: fluff crunch or canon?

    While Wotc has brought out some stuff for classic campaign worlds other than FR, some unexpected new things like Ravnica, some material which has been received mostly positive like CoS, some other stuff like Eberron seems to be controversial. Here is my question: What do you expect most from...
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    5E What is so good about gate that it leads the current 9th level spells shootout?

    What is so good about the gate spell? I tell you what I would rule: In Darksun a gate procures only elementals. In Eberron it could be about anything even from the far realms. Those two, because of the "altered" cosmology In planescape gating something into Sigil which some major force...
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    2E Darksun converted to 5e, trying to be true to 2e

    This is my attempt to establish Darksun rules for 5e while being as true as possible to 2e. Also I try to use as much 5e stuff reskinned as possible. E.g. my Mul is basically a halforc. I will start with the possibly race and class combos followed by some in depth explanation. Race Human...
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    5E Exhaustion how often / unfair?

    Playing through the Oota campaign our dungeon master loves to apply exhaustion levels for all sorts of stuff: Air pollution, long swims /climbs etc. etc. As much as i love the additional grittiness of it, as much i hate some of its consequences, even on exhaustion level one, and the difficult...
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    How do you resolve Dragonlances Defiling etc.? See poll which settings... so you must have a solution!

    Since in the newest poll it was asked in what settings people play, and some were playing in Darksun and Dragonlance I wonder: Since there is no (suitable) official rules on several issues especially in these two campaign settings I want to know your homebrew solutions, you gotta have one no...
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    Is Lesser restoration the new cure disease?

    My Group plays the out of the abyss campaign atm. (I am a PC in that one so no Spoilers in this thread, please)There are some environmental effects and Monster attacks which cause disadvantage to attacks and saving thorws or skill and attribute checks and these effects are labeled to be curable...
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    Invisibility /stealth / hide with a rigid DM what can i do instead?

    I found out over the course of several game sessions that our DM is very strict if i try to hide or stay hidden with my character especially in combat scenarios.My Char: Wood elf ranger stealth prof. and mask of the wild.Lately i had a Scenario with my char being invisible (pot) and in stealth...
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    5E Teleport /fly /misty step the bane of cool dungeon design is RAW in 5E

    5E makes it far to easy (for some style of campaigns) to get these superpowers. Question: Should these not rather be optional? How do I restrict these without nerfing certain races / classes? How do I partially restrict these? Is there stuff like a dimensional anchor in 5E? Would a sorcerer...
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    5E Multiclassing just with the core PHB any combo more powerful at low to medium levels?

    Ok, I hate multiclassing I admit it. But one day one of my players might say I want to try this, and I eventually will allow it for a campaign. Now I especially hate class dips, I could get along a bit better with 2nd ed mc-ing than 3e splat book builds. But that shall not be the topic of...
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    5E Who else uses silver as the currency denominator rather than gold?

    In all my vanilla campaigns I tend to use silver as the coin base, and I use historical accurate conversion ratios. 1 Gold = 20 Silver = 240 Copper Since gold is rare and copper coins to minor, I do not have to use the conversion often anyway. The easiest way to use this is just say Silver...