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    Who are the big 3rd party publishers?

    I'm thinking about both 4e and Pathfinder here. ** Updated with some additional publishers Pathfinder Open Design LPJ Design Super Genius Games Rite Publishing Frog God Games/Necromancer EN Publishing Dreamscarred Press Purple Duck Games (Not really a big publisher, but mentioned below) Green...
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    What are the most generic class names?

    Through various editions of the many RPG games we've had different class names for the same concept. Take for example, the 1st edition AD&D Thief, then 3e Rogue and now the 4e Thief again. As a non-native English speaker, what would be the most generic term to use that fits the concept best...
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    Subscribed Threads

    I've been away for a while and a lot's changed in that time. Could somebody please point me to a quick way to get to your subscribed threads? Thanks Pinotage
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    Warhammer Card Game

    Anybody know what this is like? I believe it's published by Fantasy Flight Games, but I was wondering if there were any play experiences out there? Thanks Pinotage
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    Lost Posts

    I just logged on again after the weekend, and noticed that my post count had dropped by a bit. Have all the recent problems resulted in some lost posts? Thanks Pinotage
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    There was a thread or two a year or so ago about the lolcats and rpgs? Any chance anybody could dig it up for me, please, and post a link? Thanks much!
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    Suggestions for the best Strategy games

    I was looking for suggestions for some good strategy games. I'm thinking along the lines of games such as: Age of Empires Total War Series Dragonshard Heroes of Might and Magic Battle for Middle-Earth In other words, your general resource management strategy game with a little fighting...
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    Heroes Comic/Heroes TV

    Anybody know anything about the Heroes comic book? Is it related to the show in any way? Thanks!
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    DDM and SWM Computer Game

    Does anybody know of a DDM or SWM computer game? A game that creates a map and allows you to play the miniatures game against a computer? Anything like that exist out there? I know they did something that allowed you to play MtG against a computer, but I've not seen something like this. Any...
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    What are the big non-d20/non-D&D Game Systems?

    Questions says it all, really. What are the big Game Systems and Publishers out there that are non-d20/OGL, and not D&D? I'm trying to broaden my horizons in gaming and I'm looking at the big companies and system. Note, I'm not talking about single product RPGs, here, but rather those companies...
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    1E Do you think 4e is d20 1e?

    Question says it all, really: Do you think that the 4e design principles are like 1e but just using the d20 mechanics? Pinotage
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    4E What 'new' rules would you like to see in 4e?

    3.5e has been around for some time, and addressed quite a lot of things. However, there were a number of rules that never really satisfactorily made it into the core rules or any of the supplements. Of these, two stand out: Underwater combat Chases I was wondering what new rules that weren't...
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    What level is your current character?

    I was having a look at my PbP and checking to see which levels my characters were, and I thought I see what the general public are playing level-wise. So, what level is/are your current character(s)? Thanks! Pinotage
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    Does Destruction work on Undead?

    Does the spell, Destruction, work on undead? My guess would be no, because it requires a Fortitude save, and doesn't work on objects, so undead should be unaffected by that. Thanks! Pinotage
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    Skirmish and Ready Attack

    If a scout moves 10 ft. and then readies an attack to fire at an enemy should it come around the corner, does the skirmish damage bonus apply to this attack? Does skirmish apply when you ready an action and have moved 10 ft. before hand even if you can't see the enemy yet? I've justified...
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    What would you like to play?

    I've been thinking about starting a D&D 3.5e game here on ENWorld in the coming months to fill the time to the release of 4e, or just because I feel like it! :D I've been watching the games that come up for recruiting, but I was curious to know what game you'd like to play in. I realise this...
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    Avoiding Gaze Attacks

    I seem to recall that there was a spell that granted some protection against gaze attacks but I can't remember where it was from or what its name was. Obviously spells like blindsight help, but this was something specific to avoiding gaze attacks. Anybody know of such a spell? Thanks Pinotage
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    POD Services

    Can anybody recommend POD services/companies? I'm particularly interested in cost/quality comparisons on runs of, say, 100 (or typical runs in the industry for small-time publishers). Thanks! Pinotage
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    War of the Burning Sky

    I was thinking about running this for my group at some point, but I was hoping to get opinions first from those that have run through several of the adventures. The first 7 adventures are out already. Has anybody played through most of the campaign path and has some opinions on what it's like...
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    Is D&D becoming more fantastical?

    I've been thinking about this in the light of rumours of rules from 4e, but also in the light of many recent releases from WotC and others. Back at the start of 3e, you had a fighter, who was well, a human that was very good at fighting. But by his core he was still human. Much like a real...