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    Three Fighters Walk into a Dungeon ... (a V2 Play-test)

    3 Fighters walk into a bar ... A DNDNext Play-test log. So the new play-test packet dropped a week ago and one of the players of the regular game was going to be out of town this week. It seemed like the perfect time to give the new rules a shake-down. It started with asking people for a raw...
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    Finally, the Fighter can both Stunt and Hit

    At least the Slayer, Sharpshooter, and the Duelist can. I think I'm in love with the Jab and Snap Shot Combat Maneuvers. Here's how you get to improvise the stunt system in the middle of a battle and still follow on for an attack of some kind. The Specialties in Two-Weapon Fighting or Archery...
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    Wise as a sack full of hammers.

    My player didn't have as much fun with the Priest of Moradin character. With two spells in a day he did most of his business with the warhammer. Unfortunately, he was swinging with his strength modifier. A buff spell helped but that was limited duration and ate up a precious spell slot...
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    CCF / Gen-Con Charity Auction Cleared Up

    Yeah, we had quite a commotion over Christian Children's Fund and Gen-Con not too long ago, ending in a general lack of solid facts upon which to base an opinion and plenty of rumor and innuendo to fuel some very angry emails ... For anyone interested in the initial thread: it is here, closed...