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    5E Who Would Dominate the Multiverse?

    What race/kind of creature do you think would win out at the end of the day? Lets say all the Gods leave/die blood war comes to a halt and the planes go to end-war. Which creatures do you think are stated out with moves/powers that would give them the edge to dominate the multiverse and why (I...
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    5E 5e "Anyspell," Would You Allow the Enclosed Spell?

    Would you allow this spell into your game? Any helpful suggestions welcome! Anyspell 2nd Level Spell [see below] Casting Time: 1 reaction [but see below] Range: Self [but see below] Components: V S Duration: Instantaneous [but see below] Classes: Sorcerer, Wizard You can cast any level 1 spell...
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    5E Extending the 'cast it one year in succession and said effect is permanent until dispelled' Mechanic

    Hi All, One of the coolest mechanics in 5e is the spell mechanic that essentially makes a spell effect permanent if said spell is cast a certain number of days in a row (this mechanic has precedent in other editions but 5e has integrated the mechanic more robustly than other editions as far as I...
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    5E Homebrew Rules for Interesting Temporal Combat

    Hi All, I am curious about creating interesting and memorable combat that involves creatures that can (maybe very easily) manipulate or 'move' through time.Has anyone thought about (or wants to think about) rules concerning such creatures. I wanted in my campaign creatures that could move...