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    No news today?

    I feel sad and disappointed when there's not a fresh news item when I check EN World on Mondays (or other weekdays). What're the latest updates on DM Guild releases? There's stuff coming out every day. (e.g. I saw 5E Maztica and Kara-Tur sourcebooks there!) What're the latest kickstarters and...
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    What are Promoted Threads?

    What are Promoted Threads?
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    6E Twelve actions for an even fresher 6th edition, or for an ultra-basic retooling of 5e

    Twelve actions for transforming the 6th Edition of D&D into a Eurogame without boardgamizing it. [Cross-posted from the Mearls tweet thread.] Action 1: Keep it Simple. Boil down the rules to the very barest minimum, with the very least bookkeeping...basically "5e Basic Rules meets the OD&D...
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    Two official Paragon Paths: Hospitaler and Cat Burglar

    Hospitaler is apparently a Paladin Paragon Path that focuses on healing others. The Cat Burglar is listed in the "class" box on a power card. Here's the two source photos: