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    5E The Dead Milkmen's D&D Adventure: Lost Tomb of the Bitchin' Chimera

    Outstanding. My old high school D&D group actually took a road trip to see the band the summer we graduated, long years ago, so we had already associated them with the game. Cannot wait to see what they come up with.
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    Worlds of Design: The Lost Art of Running Away

    Later D&D versions got players used to only seeing level-appropriate opponents. Encounters became a resource management problem rather than a real threat, tracking healing and spell slots before deciding to continue for the fight. Yawn. Early D&D wandering monster charts included everything...
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    Design Masterclass: 7th Sea

    As much as I love the setting for 7th Sea, my group had to house rule the 2nd edition massively in order to play it, because it doesn't actually by default have any way for you to fail at any task, unless you straight up say "I fail" (and get a hero point in return.) Ugh. The only way the GM had...