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  1. Empirate

    ZEITGEIST X-Men in Zeitgeist

    Hi all, been a while since I ever posted on ENWorld, but the mood struck me again, so... ...are there actual Marvel characters in the Zeitgeist adventure path? So far, we've spotted Gale (=Storm), Leone Quital (=Magneto), Mr. Mapple (=Wolverine), and maybe Borne (=Colossus). The first two seem...
  2. Empirate

    Lies: Rainbow Room puzzle

    Is my group retarded or is this puzzle not solvable? The violet control stone is blocked by a yellow wall!
  3. Empirate

    Gale as a love interest?

    Aaaand another short question concerning my ongoing Zeitgeist campaign, currently nearing the end of Skyseer: one of the players had already expressed an interest in entangling himself in a romantic subplot. No problem usually, but his PC is a halfling gunslinger/paladin, and a. halflings have...
  4. Empirate

    Advanced Firearms?

    One of the players in my Pathfinder Zeitgeist campaign plays a Gunslinger/Paladin and has the Gunsmith background, as well. He is keen on getting an advanced firearm or three for his character. When do you suppose would be a good time to hand out those literal 'big guns'? We're nearing the end...
  5. Empirate

    ZEITGEIST Pathfinder ZEITGEIST - aaand here... we... go!

    Hi folks, long time no posts. This has mostly been due to really-sweet-but-really-time-consuming-and-thus-not-altogether-RPG-conducive kid no. 2 seeing the light of the world a bit over a year ago. However, here we go again, starting a completely new ZEITGEIST Pathfinder campaign, this very...
  6. Empirate

    PF1E Darkness spell question

    Hey guys, going to run a low-level PF game shortly with some Darkmantles prominently featured. That caused me to reread the Darkness spell. Which made me wonder: does magical Darkness completely shut off non-magical light sources? This spell causes an object to radiate darkness out to a...
  7. Empirate

    Battlefield Archer PrC

    Hi guys, I'd be interested in your opinion on a prestige class I threw together. Tired of the "casters are better" thing, and of the fact that Tome of Battle does nothing (OK, very little) for ranged attackers, I thought about an archer who could hold his/her own on a battlefield - not through...
  8. Empirate

    Paypal option for subscription?

    - not talking about the kickstarter thing - Will there ever be a PayPal option for paying for a subscription without using a credit card? I don't have one, but would like a silver subscription. Since I can only seem to pay via card, it's a pity I can't subscribe!
  9. Empirate

    Non-standard rewards for DMs to use

    [EDIT: Thread should be called "Non-standard rewards for DMs to use", obviously. Sorry for that.] What kinds of non-standard rewards have you used as a DM? Gold, XP, items etc. are fine and dandy, but there are times when you want to give the PCs something special, something not usually...
  10. Empirate

    Favorite templates for DMs?

    If your players have seen all the monsters taken straight from the book, templates provide an easy remedy to make a monster feel new and fresh. Some templates are more complicated than others, some more interesting than others. So which do you like to apply to your monsters? What are your...
  11. Empirate

    PF1E Paladin tank - your help appreciated

    Hey guys! I'm looking to build a versatile tank for our group, whose lack of one nearly cost another PC her life yesterday evening... would kindly ask for your help! Supplements used are Core plus APG currently, but some 3.x stuff (especially Forgotten Realms) has been allowed in the past, and...
  12. Empirate

    E6: homebrew capstone feats

    Hi guys. I created some homebrew capstone feats for my own E6 campaign. My players run a Ranger, a Shapeshift Druid (I only allow this variant of the Druid class), and a Warlock. The existing Ranger capstone feat is kinda weaksauce, the existing Druid capstone only adresses wildshape, and the...
  13. Empirate

    PF1E Paizo Blog spamming Paizo's forum (was: Reported Post by Empirate)

    Empirate has reported a post. Reason: Post: pathfinder Elmore punches designer Forum: Paizo Publishing Assigned Moderators: Darkness, Rel, Umbran, Eridanis, Hypersmurf, Stalker0, keterys Posted by: Paizo Golem Original Content:
  14. Empirate

    Lingering Lingering spell?

    Thread title is no accident, hear me out: I just noticed something about the Generation focused Evoker. The "Lingering Evocations (Su)" class feature keeps your evocation spells in place for 1/2 CL rounds, IF they already have a duration greater than instantaneous. While this is already pretty...
  15. Empirate

    PF1E Metamagic in Pathfinder

    REPOST - posted this in the wrong section before. Here goes: Hi folks! Hope you might be willing and able to help me out rating metamagic in Pathfinder. This is actually a two part question: 1. What metamagic feats do you feel are good in Pathfinder generally? Which are worth it, which...
  16. Empirate

    PF1E Metamagic in Pathfinder

    Hi folks! Hope you might be willing and able to help me out rating metamagic in Pathfinder. This is actually a two part question: 1. What metamagic feats do you feel are good in Pathfinder generally? Which are worth it, which are crap? I'm most interested in the feats from APG and UM, but...
  17. Empirate

    "Ouch! My toes!" - Rangers & Druids

    It has recently been a bit of a topic in my gaming group: Druids step on the Ranger's toes. Big time. Both have the same area of expertise (the great outdoors), but Druids seem to do everything better. Don't read the following if you don't feel like digging through a wall of text, just bear in...
  18. Empirate

    Class balance for E6 game

    Hi guys. I'm starting up a new campaign shortly, and I'd like a bit of advice where game balance is concerned, since this is the first E6 game I'm going to DM. We had a one-shot adventure in the setting I homebrewed about a year ago, but other than that, it's all brand new. I ask you to provide...
  19. Empirate

    Low level caster tricks

    I'm looking, as the title says, for spell and feat combinations that are effective at really low levels - say, 3rd to 5th or so. No game-breaking, TO stuff, just good old efficiency! Read this if you're interested in why I started this thread: I'm thinking Energy Substitution (electricity)...
  20. Empirate

    What MM monsters DON'T you use?

    Alright, ladies and gentlemen, question time: I realized I never use some of the iconic monsters (iconic in the sense that they're in the first Monster Manual) in my 3.xx games. Why is that? I have an idea where some of them are regarded, but not others. Gray Render: too generic. Big brute...