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  1. omedon

    Keen and Improved Crit Stack?

    I thought I would run this by any rules lawyers out there. Do Keen weapons and Improved Critical stack? If thas so does this mean you could have two keen Falchion's with Improved Critical: Falchion, Two-Weapon Fighting and Monkey Grip (Sword&Fist) for two attacks with a threat range of 9-20...
  2. omedon

    Half-Elf Drow?

    Are there any special rules or benefits for Half-Elf Drow in any of the D&D lore? Or are they just run of the mill Half-Elves with dark skin?
  3. omedon

    Swashbuckling Plot Ideas Needed

    I am thinking of starting a Swashbukling campaign of high adventure and I would like to hear from people who have run similar campaigns. What are some of the plot threads you used? Did you make any rule changes, supplements, or special exceptions (ie swashbuckling cards)? What gaming books...
  4. omedon

    Who got the secret message?

    As some of you may know Malhavoc Press is publishing a new book. Skreyn's Register: Bonds of Magic by Sean K Reynolds Skreyn's Register Sean K Reynolds Skreyn's Register S K Reynolds Skreyn S K Reyn Skreyn SKReyn SKREYN
  5. omedon

    Happy Good Friday

    Just thought I would wish everyone a good good friday. I hope everyone enjoys the long weekend. :)
  6. omedon

    Help with giant-sized weapons

    Could somebody please tell me where I can find the info on weapons for huge, gargantuan, and collosal characters. It would make sense that a Giant would use a huge, or gargantuan sized weapon but there is no damage rating listed for these as far as I can tell. Also are there any giant daggers...
  7. omedon

    Beyond All Reason - Just How Good is It?

    Has anyone here bought Beyond All Reason yet? If you have could you please share your impressions of it?
  8. omedon

    Question for FDP

    Looking at the back cover of my copy of Of Sound Mind I notice that there is no cover price in CDN dollars only US. Could somebody please tell me why there isn't one? I find this a little odd isn't FDP a Canadian company? If anyone is going to have a CDN list price it should be a Canadian...
  9. omedon

    To Those Against Silly Polls

    To Berandor, Psionicist, and all the others who have been posting complaints or requests for an end to the silly polls: Please, please, please. If you really want the polls to go away don't post in them and say they are silly and that they should stop. You are not making them go away you are...
  10. omedon

    Do you prefer B&W or Colour books?

    Excluding the cover, what kind of artwork do you guys prefer to see inside your gaming books? Do you like full colour like the WOTC core books? Or would you prefer the moody B&W pages of the Sword & Sorcery line? I think I prefer B&W myself. It reminds me of the glory days of gaming and has...
  11. omedon

    Monte's NEW Secret Project

    I got this quote from this months Line of Site up on Montes site: It has peaked my interest. Now let the speculation begin. :) You can find a list of all the upcoming Malhavoc Press products here.
  12. omedon

    Question for Piratecat

    Why have your moderation duties been cut back so much after the move to the new boards? I seem to remember you being in charge of moderating many forums on the old boards but on new boards it looks like your only moderating this one. Is this because your too busy writing wicked and dastardly...